Try Before you Buy & Earn Money

‘Try Before You Buy’ A service, at your Service.

Stage Try is a more intelligent solution for Online Stores that empowers Shoppers to discover, try and enjoy shopping without barriers.

Key Benefits for Online Stores

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Fewer Abandoned CartsFriction in the checkout and lack of transparency in shipping and return are the main drivers of cart abandonment, a problem that is eliminated by Stage Try.
Higher ConversionsFreedom in shopping and return leads to higher LTV, more referrals, and repeat customers.
Speed Up Checkout By 4xThe more you speed up the checkout process, customers have fewer chances of doubting about their purchase or getting distracted.
Boost Customer LoyaltyWhen customers can easily find, try, and shop for the product they like, they’ll come back again and again.
Powered Features
Stage Try ButtonCapture your Shopper's interest by offering the freedom of trying the products at their convenience.
An Integrated DashboardThis tool easily integrates with your eCommerce platform to manage your orders, payment, shipping, fulfillment, marketing, and more.
We Care About Your Customer's Experience
Smooth ExperienceThe "Stage Try" button offers customers a flexible shopping experience that caters to their unique tastes and needs.
Unified CheckoutAfter their first transaction with our unified checkout, Shoppers' shipping and billing information are saved for future purchases guaranteeing a hassle-free checkout with a simple tap in their next purchase.
A Glimpse Of What Online Stores Say About Joining Our ‘Try Before You Buy’ Revolution:
Adding the ‘Stage Try’ button to our website brought more sales and increased traffic to our Online Store. It’s an excellent solution that includes fully digital and powerful tools helping us break down shopping barriers
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