Try Before you Buy & Earn Money

How to find the Stage Try in Shopify?

Visit the Shopify App Store. On the search bar enter keywords like “Stage Try” or “Try Before You Buy”. On the result list click on the icon or name “Stage Try - Try Before You Buy” and then on the “Add App” button to begin your Stage journey with a public app created to fit the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

How to access Stage Try store dashboard?

To access Stage Try dashboard as a merchant, you need to set up a Shopify account and activate our Shopify Sales Channel through the Shopify App Store. With a few clicks and seamless integration, you will access a full customized dashboard where you can overview the “Try Before You Buy” process from beginning to end.

Follow the Set-Up Guide and enter your account details. This action will enable the seamless migration of your products to the Stage Try Website and App and will also activate the "Stage Try" button on your store's webpage.

What is the purpose of the Stage Try Dashboard?

The Stage Try Dashboard is a customized tool to “Try products” and keep track of the whole process behind offering your customers a premium “Try Before You Buy” solution. This will be your one-stop to manage everything from your Orders, Product Listing, Transactions, Payout, marketing efforts like media kits and customer-generated content, to discounts, promotional campaigns, and even branded packaging.

How to activate the “Stage Try” button on my store’s website?

Once you have activated the Stage Try App through the Shopify App Store and completed your profile information on the Stage Try Dashboard, this will seamlessly activate the “Stage Try” button on your store’s website making the “Try Before You Buy” service available to all your customers.

Do I have to pay to install and use Stage Try?

The Stage Try platform installation is free. Activating your account and seamlessly migrating your product listing, has no cost. We do charge a sales commission and a subscription-based fee that can be paid monthly or yearly. If you want to test the Stage Try tools at their fullest, you have a 30-day free trial available.

For more information about Stage Try features and pricing, learn more about How it works.

How to get started and set up your Stage Try Account?

Once you have activated the Stage Try Sales Channel you will access the customized Stage Dashboard. Follow the Set-Up Guide to fill out your Account Details from Basic Information to Contact Information and Profile info. An image of your store’s logo of 128x128 size will be required to complete your profile.

How can I list my products on Stage Try?

Once you Add the Stage Try App through the Shopify App Store, your product inventory will be seamlessly migrated to the Stage Try Website and App, making them available to all shoppers.

How do I get paid for sold items?

Once a ‘Stage Try’ order is finalized by the shopper, you’ll see your final profit on your balance. To check your Final Balance, visit the Stage Try Dashboard and click on the “Financials” section, this will open up a drop-down menu where you will see the “Payout” option. With one click on the “Payout” button, your current balance will be transferred to the bank account you’ve previously entered on the Set Up Payout section. 

How can I change my Payout information?

Visit the Stage Try Dashboard and click on Settings. Click on the “Set Up Payout” section and the button with the same name to enter your new banking details to receive a secure deposit of your Store's Balance.

How can I see the Status of a “Stage Try” order?

Go to the Stage Try Dashboard and click on the “Orders” section, here you can filter all orders according to their current status: Pre – Order, Fulfilled, Delivered to Customer, Finalized by Customer, and Closed. 

How can I create a discount promotion with Stage Try?

On your Stage Try Dashboard, under “Return Killer Tools” you will find the “Discounts” section, once you click on it this will open up a page where you can set your desired discount percentage to encourage shoppers to keep the majority or all the products ordered through with the “Stage Try” button.

How can I inform my customers about the availability of the premium “Try Before You Buy” solution on my website and how can I explain how it works?

On your Stage Try Dashboard under the Marketing section, you’ll find the Toolkit that will enable you with different options to download a Basic Media Kit with downloadable assets and "copy & paste" content you can use all over different social media channels and your website, as well as email marketing campaigns.

How can I run a cashback campaign on Stage Try?

In your Stage Try Dashboard, visit the “Return Killer Tools” section and you will find “Cashback”. Here you can set up all the details of a cashback campaign that will build up your customer's loyalty. Select the products available for cashback, the cashback percentage you want to promote, and the beginning and end date of the campaign.

Does Stage Try help me access potential and new customers?

Once you activate the Stage Try App through the Shopify App Store, your store and products will be listed on the Stage Try Website and App, giving you access to a new customer pool. This is an active community looking for a "Try Before You Buy" experience for different products and brands.

Do I have access to user-generated content for promotion?

On the Stage Try App, users, also known as Stagers, can upload videos of their latest buys with the premium "Try Before You Buy" solution. This is a great marketing tool to promote your business or a specific product.

From your Stage Try Dashboard, you can manage all videos made by customers and uploaded to the Stage App. You can easily preview all uploaded videos and have the power to decide which one do you want to post and keep available on the Stage App and Website and which ones you want to reject. 

How can I remove my account from the Stage Try platform?

Visit the Stage Try Dashboard and go to the Settings section, click on “Account Details” and scroll down, you’ll find a “Close account” button that will guide you to the process of closing down your Stage Try account. Bear in mind that once you have removed your account from the Stage Try platform you won’t be able to access the Stage Try Dashboard. Remember: you need to also remove the Stage Try App from your Shopify account directly from the Shopify Dashboard.

How can I contact Stage Try team for Support?

You can email us at any time at or call us at +1 (647) 636 7824