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Regency Silk

Set of 2 Printed Pillowcases, Sleep Mask & Scrunchie

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Product Detail

Our Regency Silk Sleep Masks are made from 100% Mulberry Silk 19 momme. 

This pure silk sleep mask is also filled with pure silk, its lightweight, comfortable, allergy shield and naturally hypoallergenic. The elastic strap is comfortable to wear through the night.

What Is So Special About Silk?

Silk is the fine thread with which a silkworm spins its cocoon. ... The thread which is produced by the spinning glands of the silkworm is the finest and strongest natural fiber in the world. Silk is a protein fiber, meaning that is chemically quite similar to human skin. Because of this, silk is an ideal "second skin".

Hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.

Mulberry Silk Printed Pillowcase

Our Regency Silk printed pillowcases are pure mulberry silk 19 momme with an envelope enclosure (no zips to deal with).

The biggest benefit you get from a silk pillowcase is glide. Unlike the friction you get with cotton pillowcases, silk ones are nice and smooth against your skin and hair (even if you toss and turn all night). Silk is a natural fibre that repels dust mites and its hypoallergenic quality helps to eliminate allergies and asthma vs cotton and other synthetic fibres.

When you switch to silk, you’re basically giving your skin and hair a soft, silky canvas to sleep on. Sleeping on silk helps retain moisture in both your hair and skin which means smoother skin, less-tangled hair, and all-over hydration for you.

Silk Scrunchies

Traditional hair ties can tug on delicate hair which can lead to damage and breakage. Regency Silk scrunchies helps preserve your hair resulting in less hair loss and healthier hair.

Silk fibres have a very similar structure with that of the human hair, containing 100% amino acids which helps reduce hair damage, such as split ends. The smooth surface of silk will minimize the chance of hair getting caught.  This is super soft yet breathable. Once you have used silk you will be back for more. Don't confuse other satin scrunchies with silk scrunchies.

With their simple and elegant design, they are suitable for plenty of occasions. You can wear them anywhere from work and school to sports. Then will make your hair styles more eye-catching !!

Most of our Silk Scrunchies are 19 momme with the exception of the Icy Blue which is 22 momme.