Try Before you Buy & Earn Money

Make The Most of Your Customers by Offering a Superior Shopping Experience

Stage Try integrations and tools give you control over where, when, and how your products move. It All Starts with the 'Stage Try' Button.

How It Works

Access Extra Sales Channel

Access Extra Sales Channel

Easily install Stage Try's sales channel in Shopify to access a fully configurable dashboard that includes awesome features that fit your Online Store.

Getting 'Stage Try' Button

Get a branded 'Stage Try' button for every product on your website to offer a convenient checkout to your customers while increasing 2x sales.

Getting 'Stage Try' Button
End-to-End Digital Fulfillment

End-to-End Digital Fulfillment

Easily integrate with their Shopify Store to manage orders, payment, shipping, fulfillment, and accessing sales driver kits.

Hassle-Free Return

Sending back items is simple for you AND your customers. We offer convenience and choice in shipping methods and give you the flexibility to deal with exceptions and edge cases.

Hassle-Free Return
Automated Payments

Automated Payments

Kept and returned items are reconciled automatically, and the balance will settle to your bank account. You also get access to an automated and straightforward balance.

Acquire High-LTV Customers

List your Try-before-you-buy products automatically in the Stage Try to reach a new pool of customers through Stage Try's active network.

Acquire High-LTV Customers

Stage Try Offers Simple & Transparent Pricing for Businesses of All Sizes

Always Know What You'll Pay

Stage Try offers


Small businesses

5% Sales Commission
C$ 29 /month
Try At Home Button
500 Product Listing
Marketing Tools
Return Killer Tools
Weekly Payout


Mid-Size Businesses

5% Sales Commission
C$ 199 /month
Try At Home Button
5000 Product Listing
Marketing Tools
Return Killer Tools
Daily Payout
Access to 100 Stage Users


Large Businesses

5% Sales Commission
C$ 999 /month
Try At Home Button
Unlimited Product Listing
Marketing Tools
Return Killer Tools
Customized Payout
Access to All Stage Users
Internal ERP Integration

What's Included

Powered Features

Access superior features built for your growth.

Stage Try Button
Product Listing on Stage Try
Unified Checkout

Analytics & Reporting

Eliminate the guesswork and gain deeper insights into data.

Real-time reporting
AI-Based Analytics
Track AOV and sales conversion

Marketing Tools

Access marketing tools to engage and learn more about your customers.

Cashback Campaign
Discount Campaign
Ads Campaign
Notification Campaign
Email Marketing

Digital Fulfillment

It's easy to integrate with Stage Try. Bring providers you already love to work with or use our powerful providers alongside.

Order Tracking
Courier Integration

Payment & Payout

A complete payments solution engineered for your need.

Automatic Card Update
Instalments Payment
Customizable Payouts
Stage Try POT (Point of Try)

OnDemand Support

Our savvy team of Stage Try is always a click away. Ask us anything!

24×7 support
Cross channel conversations on SMS, WhatsApp, Chat
Messaging with our Stagers

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Stage Try is a win-win-win solution for us!

Shoppers Love to try, and Stores want to keep Customers happy.

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Stage Try is a win-win-win solution for us!