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General questions

What is Stage Try?

Stage Try is a "Try Before You Buy" solution with the first unified "Stage Try" button for eCommerce merchants. Our solution offers a $0 checkout to eCommerce merchants and allows online shoppers to try the product(s) at the convenience of their home without upfront payment.

What is a “Try Before You Buy” Solution?

The "Try Before You Buy" solution powered by Stage Try is a technology that helps eCommerce merchants overcome the challenges of online shopping by allowing users to try the items they order at home.

What benefits does Stage Try offer the Shoppers?

Online Shoppers can try a variety of products at the convenience of their home without upfront payment. The Shopper will only pay for the kept items, other products can be easily returned with the prepaid return label inside the package.

How can I use Stage Try?

As an Online Store: easily install Stage Try sales channel on Shopify to access a fully configurable dashboard that includes power features that fit your business need. See more on our Store's page. As an Online Shopper: browse through the products on our website or mobile app, or shop through the "Stage Try" button powered by Stage Try on the websites of our diverse network of online stores. Either way, you will be able to place an order without upfront payment and get a 7-days product trial. See more on our Shopper's page.

How long can a Shopper try the ordered item(s)?

After the shopper receives the product, the trial period will begin, giving them 7 days to try all the products and finalize the order. If the shopper doesn’t finalize the order in that time, all the items will be charged in full.

What are the minimum order value and maximum order value at Stage Try?

The minimum value for an order is $100 and the maximum value is $500. There is no limit on the number of items a shopper can order.

What shipping providers are available on Stage Try?

Stage Try offers a variety of shipping methods for online Stores and the flexibility to choose whatever is best for their business.

Can a Shopper return an item bought on Stage Try after the product-trial period has ended or after being charged?

It depends on the Return Policy of each Online Store if a refund is available or not. Contact us for more information on the link below:

Where is Stage Try available?

Our solution is currently available for the North American market. For information on other countries, you can reach out to us at

For Stores and Brands

See ourSales Channel FAQ

For Shoppers

What are the unique benefits of Stage Try for Shoppers?

Stage Try offers a unique and superior "Try before you buy" solution with fantastic benefits such as:

  • Try items for seven days at the convenience of your home
  • 0$ checkout without upfront payment
  • Free shipping and return
  • Hassle-free checkout
  • Rewards and discounts on your purchase when you keep all the items.
Does the Shopper need to create an account with Stage Try for checkout?

Yes, the Shopper needs to create an account. Our login and signup are effortless. You can get a temporary one-time passcode (OTP) via SMS message or WhatsApp and be ready to go! After the first purchase through our unified checkout, Shopper's contact, shipping & billing information are saved for future purchases across Stage Try Stores networks to experience an express checkout with a simple tap.

What payment methods are available on Stage Try?

We can only accept Credit Cards as a form of payment when shopping with our "Try Before You Buy" solution. We are working on providing different payment options to make it more convenient for all Shoppers.

How can Shoppers track their order status?

To track the order and see its status, go to your Stage Try App or Website, click on "My Order" on your profile, and tap on the "Track My Order" button for more details. You can also track your order with the Shipping Confirmation email you will get as soon as your package is fulfilled by the Store.

How can the Shopper return the item(s)?
  1. Finalize your order to select the items you’ll be returning.
  2. Repack the item in its original packaging with the prepaid return label that’s inside the package when received. If the label is missing, you can download it from the Stage Try App or Website: Me > My Orders > Order Detail > Download Shipping Label.
  3. Send the package using the courier that’s printed on the label.
  4. The package will arrive at its destination in 1 – 3 working days.
When will the Shopper be charged for the ordered item(s)?

The shopper will be charged in one of these two scenarios:

  1. Once they finalize their order. When they decide which products to keep, they must go to the Stage Try App or Website: Me > My Orders > Order Detail > Finalize order. By performing this action, they will be charged only for the items they keep from the order.
  2. If the trial period ends and the order isn’t finalized.
How can a Shopper access their Stage Try user profile?

Easily login into the Stage Try Website or Mobile App with your information and access your Profile by tapping on the Profile Icon on the header of the Website or in the ‘Me’ section on the Stage Try App.

Is there a cost for the shipping on a Stage Try order?

Not at all, shipping and return costs are completely free for Shoppers with Stage Try premium “Try Before You Buy” solution.

My tracking status says “Delivered” but I haven’t received my order

Please, send your Order ID and share your problem with us via the link below:

How does a Shopper get the prepaid return label?

The return label should be found inside the package. If there isn't any label inside this can be downloaded through the Stage Try App or Website by clicking on My orders > Order Detail > Download Shipping Label.

What are the benefits of Shopping with Stage Try?

With Stage Try, the Shopper can try different products at home. The Shopper can place an order with no upfront payment and free shipping, they will only be charged for the kept item(s). Other items can be returned with the prepaid return label inside the package.

Can an order be reverted or edited after being confirmed by the Shopper?

No, after placing an order, it can't be changed. If you need to make any changes, contact the Stage Try team here:

Need help from support?

Our support team is here for you. If you didn’t find an answer or have further inquiries, just drop a line and let us know, we will love to help you on your Stage Try journey.

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