World’s Consumer Rights Day 

Power to the digital shopper: World’s Consumer Rights Day 

Since 1983, World’s Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every March 15th with the intention to raise awareness about important issues about the needs and demands of shoppers in worldwide markets, as well as current inequities in consumerism that affects and vulnerates the general public. 

Every year the Consumers International organization proposes a theme to spark conversations and debates. In 2022, the theme is Fair Digital Finance and at Stage Try we couldn’t be more excited to join a conversation about how technology can be the key to giving the power back to the customers offering simple solutions that take care of their modern needs. 

What are Consumer Rights today? 

Consumer Rights were first brought to public attention by a world leader in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy addressed a message to the US Congress. This communication outlined what later became the basis of the public movement about consumers, their needs, and also the injustices they face. What are the rights of a consumer? There are eight main rights: 

  1. Right to satisfaction of basic needs 
  2. Right to safety 
  3. Right to be informed 
  4. Right to choose 
  5. Right to be heard 
  6. Right to redress 
  7. Right to consumer education 
  8. Right to a healthy environment  

This list grows when we think about this year’s theme “Fair Digital Finance”. As technology evolves and changes how we shop, pay, obtain loans, credits and, insurances, here at Stage Try we believe we need to be pioneers in being transparent to the consumer about all processes in our transactions.

Our goal is to empower the consumer by informing them of their rights, opportunities, and teaching them how to use all these new options to their advantage with safety.   Stage Try was thought with the idea of satisfying the needs of today’s consumers, solving their main problems and uncertainties when shopping online, and dealing with digital finances.

With our unified Try Before You Buy” checkout button our customers can place an order with no upfront payment and get a 7-days product trial of all products. They get free shipping and return with a pre-paid label, there are no hidden fees. Plus, the customer only pays for what they want and decide to keep. The whole process is seamless, quick, and safe for the user. 

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