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Top reasons why customers leave at checkout  

Why would someone go through the process of browsing and choosing products online to leave without making a purchase? The reasons may vary but they all reduce to one simple thing: the shopping process has not met their expectations; they are uncertain about how it will evolve and don’t feel convinced their needs will be fulfilled. 

To solve problems such as customers leaving without completing their purchase, we need to understand the reasons behind this behavior. Read the most common cause behind this issue and find out what solution does Stage Try has for it. 

Most coming reasons for checkout abandonment 

As we mentioned before, the reasons behind the decision of a customer to drop-off during checkout vary a lot, but we have gathered the most common and a premium solution for this burning eCommerce issue: 

  1. Slow or complicated checkout process: online shoppers know what they want and they want it fast. If the page takes too long to load, the data collection needed for shipping and shopping is long and too complex, your customer will say goodbye without a purchase. Most checkout processes today don’t have more than 5 steps to fulfill.  
  2. Hidden fees: if your checkout might be smooth but before clicking on “shop now” your customer is hit with a breakdown of their purchase that includes fees that they are seeing for the first time and don’t match the service they are receiving, they might feel tricked and less sure to make a purchase from your brand. 
  3. High cost of shipping: this one is tricky, as an online merchant you need to cover this expense but at the same time offer a good experience to your customer. You don’t want a shopper to face a situation where they pay almost the same for your product and the shipping. 58% of customers consider adding more products to their shopping cart if there is a free shipping option or any other improvement to this fee. 

How can you solve these problems? Stage Try offers a premium solution with the first “Try Before You Buy” checkout button that has the following characteristics: 

  • Quick a hassle-free checkout 
  • Unified checkout 
  • $0 checkout process (no upfront payment needed to place an order) 
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