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Technology continues to transform the way businesses operate. Previously, most brands and stores thought it was terrible for their business when products were returned. But now, one trendy business solution is to let customers try the products and return what they don’t want to keep! 

 However, with the Try Before You Buy feature comes new challenges for stores; they need to plan an exciting introduction for their business. Your new business  your new store — has got to make a splash in the market and stand out of the crowd if it’s going to be successful. 

 Stage Marketplace explains how your store should use TBYB and some tips about things to know when you launch the “Try before you buy” solution. So, if you are wondering “When do stores need to launch “Try Before You Buy”?”, read the article ahead. 

 We believe “Try Before You Buy” is the future of E-Commerce. 


Introducing TBYB

“Try Before You Buy” is a premium solution provided by Stage Marketplace, it mirrors the Brick-and-Mortar shopping experience for stores on Shopify. With this feature, shoppers try products at home for a limited time and only pay for what they keep. Soon the stores will see the results: a higher sales conversion rates and average order values. Learn more and try new things with Try before you buy


Here’s how you can evaluate whether your store is ready to launch “Try Before You Buy”:  

  • If you have an amazing product 

High-quality products are an excellent incentive for most customers to buy. TBYB won’t work for stores with low quality items, because when shoppers get their products in their hands; they only keep them if they are excellent. 

  • If you want a core strategy 

TBYB can drive transformative growth for stores, but it requires focus from the team. To grow, stores need to optimize and protect the core idea of this solution.  

Put TBYB at the core of your strategy, it’s a powerful tool to help your store reach your business goals. 

  • If you’re focused on profitable growth 

Profitability is essential because it’s the primary goal of all businesses, and without it, your business will not survive in this competitive market. A “Try Before You Buy” service can differentiate your store, give you a competitive advantage and make you more profitable.  

  • If you don’t prefer to use discounts in your business 

The fact is, discounting isn’t the best way to convert customers. Discounts erode your margins and incentivize bad shopper behavior, also they often drive a short-term boost in conversion rate and sales.  In comparison, TBYB offers additional value to your customers. It’s better to incentivize purchases by increasing the value your customer receives versus reducing the cost of your products. 

 The difference between discounts and TBYB: Price vs. Value 


The rise of ‘try before you buy’

According to a new study, online retailers could address this consumer concern and grow their business significantly by offering a “Try Before You Buy” option to shoppers. 

“Nearly three quarters (74%) of consumers said that having the ability to try on or try out goods before paying would remove a major drawback to online shopping.” (Quote) 

 Technology powered TBYB is growing quickly. More and more shops are using this feature vs. other traditional method. 

 It is difficult but essential for businesses to stay on top of these changes to provide an excellent customer experience, sell more products and remain viable. 

 Several companies offer this technology to online stores of all sizes. Stage Marketplace works with individual websites to add the “Try Before You Buy” option for their website. For more details to on how to launch “Try Before You Buy”, read Stage Stores. 

 What puts TBYB at the forefront and convinces businesses to choose this E-Commerce solution is that “Try Before You Buy” builds customer loyalty. In today’s world, nothing is more crucial to businesses. 

There is a growing trend of stores who successfully launch and use TBYB. 

Get ready for the next step: launch “Try Before You Buy” 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small business; if you sell online products, consider implementing the “Try Before You Buy” model as a powerful business solution. 

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: they will have the chance to try on the products they want at the comfort of their home and place their order with a $0 checkout. This might make a big difference between your store and other competitors! 

 Our business experts at Stage Marketplace are certain that the “Try Before You Buy” solution is here to stay and make a different for stores in a challenging and competitive market.  

 Why? The answer is simple: when shoppers have the chance to order and try more, they buy more, and TBYB lets shoppers try your products with no upfront payment. Giving the customer a risk-free shopping experience with “Try Before You Buy.” 

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