Use Video To Atract New Customers

It’s necessary to boost your business’ growth and remain competitive in any industry. However, it’s sometimes very challenging to grow your business’ success.  

The most popular type of content for engagement is VIDEO! If you have an online store, you should focus on providing videos for the products you have in stock, because video content allows your business to demonstrate your products better than words can ever do. 

On the other hand, you can earn money purchasing on Stage Marketplace. It’s enough to complete your profile on Stage App and Become a Stager. After that you can make videos and publish them to receive cashback for your purchases or bonuses. 

Although developing your online presence with videos is a vital strategy, in the fast-paced world we live in, you can’t do all the marketing yourself and make the time for creating videos for products. This is where you can use your shoppers on Stage App to promote your business!
Your shoppers can create videos and advertise for your products.    

As a Store 

Informative and funny videos about your products are a memorable way that can interest your target audience.

As a Stager 

Share the videos you made for products purchased on Stage, get more comments, likes, and followers to reach the upper levels and earn money.

If you have a small business, video marketing benefits can power your business. Boosting sales, building brand reach, and increasing conversions are parts of the advantages of video content. 
When your customers make videos from your products and share them on social media, this is your chance to show what your company’s product is really about. 

Stage Marketplace has provided a platform to show your products to more customers with exciting and memorable videos. If you’re not already in the Stage game, it’s the time to use Stage videos for your online shop!
Add Stage Marketplace channel and enjoy the benefits of videos created by real customers. Here are the top 8 video marketing benefits for your business:  

  • Grow revenue
    Video users grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video, according to research from Aberdeen Group 
  • Influence buying decisions 
    Watching product videos make customers more likely to buy.
  • Give the users what they want 
    People like video content more than other types of content; it gives your store a better chance of convincing the consumer. 
  • Increase Traffic 
    When people find many fun and great videos about your products on different social media, your site traffic will increase.
  • Increase the understanding of your product 
    Sometimes you have a complex product. When your audiences don’t understand yours, how will they make a purchase? 
    If your potential customers watch a product video that a real user has made, they will be more likely to buy it. 
  • Tell a stronger story 
    Your real shopper can tell your business story well. That’s an impressive way to attract more leads.
  • Increase conversions 
    Once you use video for a product on your website, its conversion rates double!  
  • Search engines love video content
    Most search engines prefer to show videos on top search results because it’s more popular among the users.  

Video policies on Stage Marketplace 

Starting with the Basics: 

  • Audio Conditions – Film in a quiet place, where you are not likely to be interrupted. 
  • Lighting – Film in a bright room, in the shade outdoors, or under cloud cover. Avoid bright sunlight as it creates harsh shadows. Avoid lighting that comes only from directly above. 
  • Composition – Having your subject in the center of the frame, looking directly into the camera, creates a very personal feel and can load your video with emotion. 
  • Camera Angle – Keep the camera just above your subject’s eye level, slightly angled down, which is flattering for most people. 
  • Stabilize – Use a tripod, or mount the camera to something stationary whenever possible, but don’t worry improvised methods are often just as effective. 
  • Have Fun!

Catch their eye fast!

You typically only have seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. This can be accomplished with a startling statistic, quote, or simply a powerful combination of video clips and music that draws in the audience’s attention.  


Show them what they want to see. Consider what information is most important to your audience.  

Prioritize audio

Avoid background noises and make sure your mic is capturing everything in the best possible way. 

Get to the point quickly

The shorter the video, the more likely the audience will watch it in full. 

Be Real!

Be sincere and direct, always! 

Finally: Engage with your audience & ensure high quality resolution. Stagers should be visible in the video show casing the product! 

As we know, creating video content is important now more than ever; we provide you a powerful and effective platform to present videos your shoppers create. 

Start the process of jumpstarting growth with Stage Marketplace.