Types of Shoes: Shoe types for men & women

The type of shoes you choose can say a lot about you! Apart from your sex, your footwear reveals if you are a fun, adventurous or safe person. Remember that being in motion is the best medicine, so live actively by choosing the best types of shoes. 

In this article on Stage Marketplace, we include separate lists for men and women. Read on to find comfortable and durable shoes when facing many choices. 

Are there different types of shoes?

As shoes are an essential part of life, no one can live without a comfortable pair of shoes! There is more than one type of shoe, and each style symbolizes your personality and status. 

Every occasion has a unique shoe to wear, and types of shoes for men, women, kids, elderly, etc., are different in its own.  

Although you cantry before you buy with no checkouts on Stage, we recommend you know different types of shoes. 

Types of shoes can be placed in 5 general categories. Then we’ll divide general categories into subcategories. Here are some types of shoes: 

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Sports
  • Women’s
  • Men’s

 Once you know what is better for your need, you can be feet-friendly and enjoy wearing different types of shoes. 

What are different shoe styles called? 

Choosing the proper shoes with the enormous variety available in online shops is challenging because suitable types of shoes can solve more types of footwear problems. On the other hand, each shoe has a particular name. 

Therefore, for choosing the best types of shoes, you need to know what each shoe is called.  

Read the following parts to find the essential types of shoes and their name. 

 What shoes should every Man own? 

There are 10 essential shoes every man and woman should have. The wrong pair of shoes will kill your outfit that costs lot to put together. 

Each style needs a specific shoe style and color. Once you know the types of shoes for men and choose the right one, you elevate the entire look. Stage gives you 10 shoes a man or woman should own: 


  1. Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords: Some believe this name comes after students of Oxford University in the 18th Century. This important shoe style has a closed lacing system; most of them are made of leather. You can use Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords for job interviews, weddings, black-tie events, and almost any occasion.
  2.  Sneakers: Today, Sneakers are a trendy style, we recommend you wear sneakers with low-top leather or suede upper cover. 
  3.   Wing-Tip Brogues Shoes: Brogues shoes have holes that can be filled with dust and dirt and are a good option for casual dress and work. 
  4.    Chukka Boots: Dark colors such as brown or navy for this type of shoe is more common. While the crepe sole is more comfortable than the leather, the leather sole will last much longer for Chukka Boots. 
  5.   Double-Monk Strap Shoes: Do you think these types of shoes are classic? The two straps make the shoe look more modern. If you like creativity, you can get different types of buckles with many different buckle placements and change the shoe’s appearance. 
  6.   Penny Loafers: Although the loafers are not first on most men’s lists when they think of buying shoes, they will help to add a bit of flair to your summer suit style.   
  7.   Whole-Cut Oxfords: Most of Whole-Cut Oxford’s shoes are produced by higher-end shoe manufacturers because they need very high-quality leather to stand up to the demanding manufacturing process. 
  8. Chelsea Boots:  If you want a boot that goes with everything, the Chelsea Boot is the best choice. We recommend a leather style instead of a suede one. 
  9.    Espadrilles: Espadrilles are sandals made with braided jute soles; they are a type of shoe that is significantly different than other shoes. The comfort and durability of espadrilles compel people to continue loving and wearing them. It’s interesting that Espadrilles are still a popular choice for warmer months. 
  10.   Boat Shoes: Wearing Boat Shoes with shorts in summer is a great style, trust us 😉 

What shoes should a Woman own?


  1. Ballet flatsBallerina shoes inspire this type of shoe,U-shaped toes and no heels are other features.
  2. Bootie :They can be flat or heeled, Booties are popular for their comfort.
  3. BoyfriendThey can be oxfords, derbys, brogues, it seems this type of shoe belongs in a man’s closet, but they are very common among the female sex as well.
  4. CourtCourt shoes give you lateral support and stability.
  5. Crotch-high bootsNot only sexy crotch-high boots are so trendy now, but they are always in style. 
  6. Espadrille: Shoes made from natural braided fiber.
  7. Gladiator As their name shows, this type of shoe is inspired by gladiator’s shoes with multiple straps.
  8. High topsThey’re sneakers that reach the ankle. 
  9. Peep-toePeep-toe shoes reveal just a portion of the toes. 
  10. D’orsayD’orsay shoes reveal the side of the foot on one or both sides. 

What are open shoes called?


According to Wikipedia, Sandals are an open type of shoes, they can also have heels. Men and women may choose to wear sandals because they are comfortable in warm weather. Plus, they need fewer materials, so more people tend to buy them.  

What are backless shoes called?


Backless shoes are called Mule. They don’t have a back or constraint around the foot’s heel.  

There are many different types of shoes for men and women. We provided some popular, common types of shoes such as oxfords, ballet flats, mules, etc. 

Our beautiful yet functional shoes on Stage Marketplace go in line with good health and style. When you know different types of shoes, you will choose your favorites according to necessity, fashion, trends, etc. 

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