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Types Of Pants For Women: Full List + Images

Long gone are the days when pants were only an item of clothing for men. Trousers are now a wardrobe essential in women’s closets. Depending on the fabric and cut, a good pair of pants can be versatile and work for both dressy and casual looks. If you are looking for a new pair of pants you must know the fit is everything. When shopping pants for women you need to know about the different types of fabrics, fits, boots, rise, crotch seams, and overall styles. This can add a bit of pressure to the process. Here you can find a helpful guide of all kinds of pants available in the market and what to look for when shopping online

The Different Types Of Pants For Women 

1. Dress pants 

dress pants for women

Dress pants for women are one of the most common types of pants. They are usually worn in the context of an office but they have found their way into urban wear. Dress pants are made of comfortable tailored fabrics that give freedom of movement and a professional look. They usually have a medium to high rise with a zipper or a set of buttons. 

2. Jeans 


Jeans were born in 1873 as a utility piece of clothing but they have evolved into an essential fashion item. They are versatile, can be styled and accessorized in many ways, match any personal style, and can be worn in both casual and fancy scenarios. You can find them in different types of boots and waists, baggy or fitted, colored, acid washed, ripped, and in a variety of denim. 

3. Overalls, Jumpsuits, and Dungarees 


jumpsuit is a type of pant that has a bodice attached to the waistline. Overalls, also known as dungarees, are similar in design, except they only have a bib that covers the chest, making them a perfect piece for layering. These one-piece items can be casual or tailored and are flattering to all body types. 

4. Culottes Or Capris 

capris pants for women

These types of pants are a great option for summer days. Capris are women’s pants with a cropped hemline that goes either just above the ankle or up to the mid of the calf. The boot can be either slim or wide. Culottes usually have a wide-leg cut that might even look like a skirt when worn. Both types of cuts are flattering, just make sure to highlight the narrowest part of your leg with the hemline cut. 

5. Pegged or Peg-Leg Pants 

pegged pants for women

Peg-leg pants are relax-fitting women’s pants. The way they are designed makes them loose at the thighs but fitted at the bottom. They are usually tailored and considered a type of “dressy” pants for women, a great choice when aiming for a more formal and stylish look. 

6. Cigarette pants for women

cigarette pants

Popularized in the ’50s and ’60s by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, cigarette pants are a type of women’s trousers that have a straight line, are form-fitting around the thighs and their hemline hits right above the ankles. Neutral colors are a great choice for this cut if you want to wear them to a formal affair, and they make a great match to any blazer. 

7. Harem Pants for women

harem pants

These loose-fitting pants are best known for their comfort. Harem pants are completely loose on the legs but gather around the waist and ankles with different types of elastic bands. They come in a variety of colors and patterns making them a great choice for casual outings. 

8. Flared or Bell Bottoms 

flared pants for women

Flared pants were popular in the ’70s but have evolved into modern times. You will recognize them for their tight fit around the hip and thighs and wide boot that spreads from the knees. The flare can be subtle or exaggerated. Wide-Boot jeans are regarded as a type of bell bottoms. 

9. Baggy Pants for women

baggy pants

Baggy pants are oversized and loose-fitting by definition. These types of women’s pants are usually mid to high-rise, but you can also find them in low-drop crotch designs. They are comfortable yet stylish, and according to their fabric, they can be leisurewear or the base of an elegant outfit. 

10. Leggings 


Leggings are a type of women’s pants made of elastic fabrics to get a slim-fit figure, unlike tights, they don’t cover the foot and go just above the ankle. They are a gym staple but can also be worn for casual looks. Is all a matter of how you decide to style them. They are many types of leggings available depending on the kind of fabric and design, you might also find Treggings, or leggings that look like trousers, and Jeggings, leggings that look like jeans with small details like pockets. 

11. Stovepipe or Drainpipe Pants 

drainpipe pants

Drainpipes are a kind of women’s pants that have a straight leg, with a slim and tight fit. The hemline falls right above the ankle and usually has a zipper or an elastic panel to put them on with ease. They are similar to both skinny jeans and cigarette pants

12. Stirrup Pants 

stirrup pants for women

What once was strictly sportswear is now a fashion statement. Stirrup pants for women are usually made out of elastic or stretchy fabrics, and their main characteristic is the strap that goes under the arch of the foot holding the pants in place. These are also a type of leggings. 

13. Cargo or Carpenter Pants 

cargo pants

Cargo pants take their name out of the medium to large pockets they have on the side of the legs. These pockets usually have a flap and button or zippers. They are usually loose-fitted, but you can also find fitted cargo pants made for more dressy looks. 

14. Cropped Pants 

cropped pants

As their name indicates, cropped pants are a type of women’s trousers with a hemline that cuts or is cropped just above the ankle, they usually have a straight leg-line or follow the natural leg line for a flattering fit. 

15. Leather Pants 

leather pants for women

Leather pants are not only for rockstars anymore! These pants for women are a synonym of a trendy style. They are really versatile and come in a great variety of designs: slim-fit, loose-fit, low to high rise, wide to fitted boot. There is one for every style, and they all have the potential to turn you into a trendsetter.   

“Try Before You Buy” Women’s Pants Online 

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Before buying a pair of pants you need to try them on, see the fabric, how it feels, check if it’s the right cut and hemline for you.  Thanks to eCommerce advances, now you can enjoy the easiness of shopping online while getting to try on your selected products.  

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