Try before you buy

Try before you buy 

Are you always satisfied with your online shopping experiences? Are you going to get the correct item for your needs, sight unseen during online shopping? try-before-you-buy

Although online shopping helps shoppers save money, energy and time, there are disadvantages involved, and you might face problems with some products that could have been avoided if you could just try it out before buying them. If you purchase goods and services online, you may know that most online stores are virtual marketplaces where manufacturers advertise to sell more. So, if the information such as images and descriptions don’t accurately reflect the condition and features of the products, you will probably be disappointed. Another downside is that you cannot touch the item you want to buy during online shopping. Therefore, this progressive and promising technology (online shopping) is unsuitable for people who wish to buy the product only after trying it or by touching it. But new methods in e-commerce open up new opportunities by helping with |making up your mind easier.  

Do you want to test before you buy? And only pay for what you keep? So, try first, buy later, just like traditional shopping from physical stores. Here is everything you need to know when you opt for purchasing something over the internet: 

What is "try before you buy" 

If you doubt when choosing the right products on websites, your online purchase faces a challenge. No matter how great a photograph or video of products, you can't figure out whether you will like the item in real life or not. 

Try before you buy is the change everyone’s been waiting for. In this model, you pay nothing up front, and your finances are put on hold while you make up your mind. In other words, try before you buy is a delayed payment with online purchases.  

You no longer buy without knowing whether the item will fit you!

Why try before you buy? 

Free stuff is always a good thing. "Try before you buy" called "test before you buy," "only pay for what you keep," "try first, buy later" is a free model which is practical, simple, and safe. When you order a product, the store delivers it straight to your door. Then you have a fixed time to try items in the comfort of your own home and can easily decide whether you want to keep the item or return it. If you decide to keep the items, you will be charged. Otherwise, return items you don't like or don't fit, all at no cost to you. This sounds ideal, right? 

Delayed payment is an attractive option for you as a customer. 

  Plus, "Try before you buy" online shopping goes further than customers. The opportunity to test, inspect or touch before making orders is a great option for both stores and users. It provides stores and retailers loyalty to their brand and it improves the chance of attracting new customers because they will have a sense of confidence in their purchase by knowing that they can try products and compare without seeing a dent in their bank balance. Offering "Try before you buy" can help stores differentiate themselves from competitors. 

"Try before you buy" increases customer satisfaction and loyalty for stores. 

 What are the differences between "Try before you buy" and "buy now, pay later" 

As said before, "Try before you buy" is a comfortable trying and shopping without ever visiting a physical store. 

Buy now pay later is a more familiar concept: it’s a payment method offered during online shopping. This service will allow you more time to pay, like a short interest-free loan. Although buy now pay later will allow you to defer payments, it comes with drawbacks: 

  • It can have a negative impact on your credit score. 
  • It could be difficult to receive a refund if the product didn't arrive. 
  • If you don't make your payments on time, you may be charged with higher payment fees. 
  • It can negatively affect your future loan applications. 

"Try before you buy" at Stage  

Many Canadians who prefer to buy online have discovered the benefits of online shopping with Stage marketplace. When you're unsure which size you need or can't decide between products, Stage is an opportunity to order them all, try them, and choose the best you need. Take a peek through how to buy with Stage. 

How it works for the Store: 


Place your Order 
Go to your Stage Store dashboard and check the orders.


 Send your orders 
Fulfill in the app the items you want to send to the shopper.


 Finalize your items  
Finalize the orders that have been informed by the user as kept OR if you have some returned orders, mark them as received. 

How it works for the Shopper:


Place your Order 
Browse the site or download the app. As a shopper, select the items you like and add them to your cart with the “Try at home” button


Try out your Items 
After you receive the items (with no payment up front!), it’s time to try out your selection and decide which items you want to keep.


Finalize your items  
When you've made your choice, simply finalize in the app the items you want to keep, OR return items you don’t want with the provided return label.

In addition, by making a video, you can show what you have bought from Stage and publish it. In this way, you can become a Stager, receive a cash benefit after making the video (Cashback), and earn more money on Stage. We walked you through how the purchase process works at Stage. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.  FAQs  How long can I keep the products?  You have 15 days to keep the item or return it after the store shipped it to you. What would happen if I didn't return products?  When you don't return the items, it means you decided to keep them. Therefore, it will be deducted from your credit card automatically for all items in the order. How can I return products?  If you decide to return the items, stick the shipping label on the goods and take them back to the post office. In this case, you won't be charged. What if I want to return an item after I’ve been charged?   This option isn’t available with this model, you have to return the item within the range given (15 days from shipment).