Try Before You Buy: The Basics.

In our current post-pandemic world, once the dust has settled, it has become obvious that online shopping is the way of the future with younger shoppers preferring in general to shop online.  These new consumers prefer to jump from store to store, making loyalty a very hard thing to achieve for online businesses. This creates double trouble for online sellers since they have to consider the cost of losing a customer as well as the cost of getting a new customer.  These modern customers want a shopping experience that feels tailored to their needs, is easy to follow, and offers free shipping and returns.  In fact, more than half of the customers consider a frustrating shopping experience one of the main reasons to change providers when shopping online. They also prefer better mobile experiences when shopping.  
Personalization, free shipping 2-day, and free returns are the keys to creating a long-term relationship with online shoppers, and it is advisable for retailers to consider their customers’ pain points, needs, interests, and challenges when offering solutions to their online shopping fears.  Most online customers still have some worries about shopping online for certain items, clothing being the biggest worry since in most online stores it is impossible for them to try the articles on before paying for them.  They also want store websites that are easy to navigate, have clear returns policies and offer a more personalized experience. This is the reason why half of the online brands are investing in creating the most flexible shipping and return policies, as well as frictionless shopping experiences, and to have said policies stated as visibly and clearly as possible.  But online retailers have their own worries. From difficulty earning customers’ loyalty, ever-growing return rates, and abandoned carts, they must find ways to keep shoppers invested in the whole purchasing process so they can close the sale.  Keeping shoppers invested can be as simple as implementing solutions that give them confidence and make them feel special when dealing with the online store.  A trend that has been getting more and more popular lately is the “Try Before You Buy” model, which gives the customer the relief of knowing they can try on or test products before paying for them.  “Try Before You Buy” gives customers the chance to feel, try on, and test products from online retailers for a short period of time and then return for free the ones they don’t want, only paying for the products they keep.  This solution offers a response to most online shoppers’ doubts when it comes to buying a product from the internet, but it requires from the store a lot of trust and a very good and unified system to keep track of the ever-changing inventory of all their sales channels that comes with it.  “Try Before You Buy” blurs the lines between in-store and online experiences, increasing sales, order value, and customer loyalty.  The process is very simple:  1. The customer picks products with the Try Before You Buy option active and check out for $0.  2. The store ships the products as they normally do.  3. The customer receives the package and tries them for a predetermined period of time.  4. They choose which product to give and send the rest back using a prepaid shipping label included in the package.  5. The store receives the returned products and makes sure they are in good condition.  6. The customer is charged for the products they keep. Any and all discounts or Cashback offers are applied at this point.  As you can see, the Try Before You Buy model is relatively simple. However, it is important to make sure your operations side is ready to deal with the more complicated inventory management before you implement Try Before You Buy.  As a solution, Stage Try gives you dozens of tools to manage your online business and marketing sides, making the implementation a simple and safe one, where everything is under your control.  Models like Try Before You Buy are taking over the online retail business. This kind of service is seen as Premium or Exclusive service by customers looking for a memorable shopping experience.  This is the reason they can boost your customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth publicity derived from customer loyalty.  Try Before You Buy can also differentiate your store from others that don’t offer the service while allowing you to reach new markets. Allowing your buyers to try the products before paying for them will soothe any doubt they may have about buying from a new store or trying products they’re not familiar with.  But you need to be very sure that Try Before You Buy is the model for you. Keep a close watch on your earnings margins, as well as your inventory. It may look difficult but something as simple as getting the right tools can make this an easy and profitable journey.  Premium solutions like Stage Try can bring you peace of mind and make your day-to-day easier and faster. Just install the Try Before You Buy checkout button and manage your store from our complete dashboard, with all the tools you need to implement Try Before You Buy in your store and reach new customers and markets to take your online business to the next level. 
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