The Best Women’s Shoe Trends for Summer 2022

This summer’s trends are already starting to show up everywhere, and it is time to update your shoe rack if any of these styles are missing. Runways were full of ’90s-inspired styles, like wedges and platforms, as well as the most comfortable possible styles, so your summer is trouble-free and fun to the max.

While the usual neutral shades like black and tan were present, the boldest pastel and neon shades took center stage, adding freshness and fun to any summer look, which is set out to be primarily mini dresses and shorts with graphic shirts and bold prints.

Here are the most popular shoe trends for the summer of 2022:


Wedges are back in full force! These very solid high heels always look great with summer mini dresses and shorts. You can find them in all kinds of materials and patterns, but what’s truly in for this summer is neon-bright colors and vinyl!

Running sneakers

Sneakers are a staple on any wardrobe, but this year several high fashion houses made them a statement in their runways, making these chunky running styles of sneakers the must-have shoe for the summer days.

Open-toe heels

When it comes to looking elegant and chic, there is nothing quite like open-toe heels, especially if they are pointed kitten heels. Do not let this trend pass you by because open-toe heels are a chic must-have for any time of the year. Make sure you get the summer shades for this season, but also keep a good pair of neutrals you can wear with many maxi dresses and summer suits.

Strappy sandals

The “naked feet” trend is also running high this summer, with skinny strap sandals in neutral shades that make your feet look elegant and clean. The perfect companions for fancy shorts or even summer suits or the spectacular new styles of bathing suits that are showing up everywhere in the runways this summer.

Ballet flats

Another style that never seems to go away entirely is ballerina flats; this summer, they are back in full force. These comfortable shoes are the perfect pair for any kind of casual summer look, appearing in runways made of all types of materials and colors -from vinyl to silk and from neutrals to neon.

Kitten heels

If you’re not a wedge or platform kind of girl but still want to wear fashionable heels this summer, slingback kitten heels are also all the rage this season. Perfect companions for more elegant looks, these timeless heels were all over the place in the summer 2022 runways and are a must-have. If you are feeling daring, buy a pair in a bright, or even neon, color to add a pop to any neutral look.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are back! While their bulkiest cousins had been in for a couple of years, this sleeker version of the comfy loafers is back this year to accompany your summer looks. Get these in the more neutral shades because you’ll be wearing them for a couple of years, as they seem to have returned to stay.

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