Grow your store with Stage Marketplace

Grow your store with Stage Marketplace

Stage store – Do you want to set your store apart from its competitors and keep your store name in the public eye? Promotion is key!
In competitive markets there are massive online stores to satisfy the wants and needs of customers. Beat the competition with new and creative promotional and marketing strategies to put across the benefits of your products. 

Stage Marketplace offers interesting options for marketing your store: partner with us as a Stage Store! Well-designed marketing and promotional strategies at Stage Marketplace ensure profitability for your store and more customer traffic. As a store, you can entice customers to spend on your products by using Stage Marketplace. We provide you with more platforms to promote your products and business. 
If you’re wondering what the Stage store is and how it works, continue reading below: 

Differentiate your store from competitors and make it easier to promote your business with Stage store. 

Why does your store need to be on Stage as a stage store?

Buying a product and then hoping it turns out as expected is traditional online shopping. It would be a considerable risk for your store if it disappointed customers are not getting what they want or expect. They can leave negative reviews and comments on social media or word of mouth in real life. And it can hurt your business. 

Stage Marketplace makes it easy for customers to try the product before they buy. (Read more about Try before you buy). Plus, they can have Cashback and make money by creating videos. (Read more about Cashback)
This is why it makes sense for an online shopper to be a Stager and choose your store as a Stage store. 

This type (Stage store) of online promotion is compelling and effective for your store. 

How a Stage store works 

  1. If you’re not on Shopify: first, you would need to register on Shopify, and add “Stage Marketplace” as a Sales Channel.  
  2. If you’re already on Shopify: you’re half-way there! All you have to do is add “Stage Marketplace” as a Sales Channel.  

Then, our Marketing team will check your store, follow up with you with any questions, and once you’re approved, all of your products (or the ones you select!) will sync automatically on our Stage Marketplace website and app. 

After you’ve been confirmed, Your Stage Store is done! You can manage your orders as you normally do, and you’ll be provided with a Stage Dashboard to manage all of the perks and benefits we provide for Stagers. 

Benefits of becoming a Stage Store 

When it comes to the reasons for using Stage for your store, you should consider that influencers make attractive videos (a highly effective marketing tool) and promote your products. So, if you are a Stage store, your product may be shown on pages with many followers. Worth it! 

On the other hand, the “try before you buy “and “Cashback” have benefits for stores too. Your Stage store allows shoppers or Stagers to test if the product fits their needs before committing to it in an absolute way. So, they may order more quantity of the product than they initially planned, and it helps increase sales. Here are other advantages involved with being a Stage store: 

  • Attract New Customers 
    Bringing a dressing room to a buyer’s home will attract more new customers and create loyalty. Using the right media tool to target your customers will increase customer traffic, so promotion video makers on Stage will increase and improve visibility online by their video on different social media. Video content is an exciting and excellent method of communicating with your potential customers.  
  • Increase brand awareness 
    Various videos on Stage platforms and other social media help you spread information about your brand and store. More people can find you easily and look into your products to make purchases. 
  • Sales through 2 channels 
    Stage Stores can present their product on the Stage App and Website. Having multiple channels helps your store attract more customers and generate inquiries from your target audience, as well as lots of brand awareness.  
  • Get positive reviews
    One of our upcoming features will include the ability to receive reviews and comments, for both Stores and Products. 
  • Reduce Return rates 
    Return rates can create waste and added costs. In Stage stores, shoppers return unwanted items and pay only for what they keep. 

If you’re a store owner and want to make your shop stand out, finding the right promotion strategy to differentiate you from your competition is vital. To show your customers who you are and what products you offer, join us at Stage Marketplace as a Stage store. that’s where the growth is: we focus on the specific elements that can potentially separate your store from others. 
We give Stage stores the opportunity to share and highlight how great they are. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.  


  • How do you calculate the commission? The commission is set on your conversation with Marketing Team.
  • How many products can stores add to their dashboard? There’s no limit!
  • How can I use the videos that are created for my products? Whichever way you want! You can download the video and use it on your social media, website, etc.
  • Is there a limit to how much I use the videos for my products? There’s no limit! If you have our Sales Channel installed, the videos are available for your usage.
  • What happens if I uninstall Stage Marketplace Sales Channel? If you decide to do this, your products will no longer be visible on our website or app. Also, you won’t be able to use the videos that were made for your products in any way, and they won’t be available either.