Stay fresh with these Summer makeup trends

The summer is the season of love, sun, and relaxed fun, and the makeup trends this year just prove it. A relaxed, natural look with a touch of the good Y2K days combine in what is becoming the summer of no-makeup makeup. Whether you want a bronzed, natural look or are willing to play with the super trendy Prism Eyes, this summer trends have got you covered.

Blurring the lines:

This season comes with the end of the sharp and clean winged liner, in favor of a softer, more delicate look. The natural look of brown eyeliner softly smudged with a brush is the new favorite, especially combined with a neutral lipstick shade.

Fluffy brows:

Soft and fluffy eyebrows that look natural, groomed with clear wax look good with any look, no matter how glamorous or natural. This is the reason they are the center point around which all the summer makeup trends are forming this year.

Pastel prism:

Coming out of TikTok, the Prism Eye is taking over by storm. It’s a very daring look but if you can pull it off, it really leaves a mark.

The Prism Eye creates a soft pastel rainbow on your undereye to give you a whimsical and cute look that is both bold and soft.

Metallic Eyeshadow:

Pair the smudged eyeliner with golden or copper eyeshadow, some bronzer, and a warm neutral lipstick and you’ll be the queen of the party.

Bright Colors:

Neon colors are the funnest trend for the summer, with a couple of ways to add a bright pop of color to your look.

You can use bright and neon-colored eyeshadow for a super bold look or you can use colored eyeliner for a pop of color in your natural look.

Glossy lips:

Nude and neutral lipstick with a good layer of shiny gloss over it is the favored lip look this season.

Cool reds:

Red is the classic lipstick that is never out of fashion. This year, Coral red and other cooler tones of red are another big look for the summer.

Sun-kissed cheeks:

A Faux-sunburn blush is the preferred look for the cheeks. Use a bronze or pink blush, preferably cream, high on the cheekbones to get that sun-kissed look.

Heat-friendly clean face:

This summer you can skip the full coverage foundation, as heavy makeup has given way to a natural and clean look. You can use a tinted moisturizer or just concealer where you need it for a heat-resistant natural look.

Summer locks:

Goodbye beach waves and harsh blondes, this summer is all about the strawberry blonde color and a little texture with a product that makes it look wet.


Tiny and delicate accessories for your hair are the rage, as they go very well with the general natural look of the season.

Classic nail shapes:

This summer the classic nail shapes are still in. Almond, square, or coffin nails are the way to go, with bright neon colors for the polish.

Bejeweled natural nails:

Although the art of wearing gems and rhinestones is typical to artificial nails, it looks like this is the year this particular style moves to the natural nails’ side.

With big bold fashion statements being the way fashion is going this summer, natural beauty and understated makeup are the way to go. Enjoy playing with the bright and neon colors on your nails and clothes, and let your beauty come through barely-there makeup to create a consistent look that doesn’t compete with itself.

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