Become a Stager and earn Money!

There are so many ways you can boost your income. Believe it or not, you can earn money by purchasing a product. It’s enough to be eager to create an excellent video! 

A fresh, unique, and good-quality video is considered the most engaging type of content. Some free apps pay you to make videos online. So, one of the best ways to earn some money is downloading Apps and upload short videos, especially if you are talented in video creating or you are an influencer. 

Earn extra money by uploading your videos and also by publishing them on Stage. 

Join us to tell you how to become a Stager. 

What is a Pro Stager? 

Once you become a Stager, there are different levels you can upgrade to and earn more benefits, like higher cashback or cash bonus.

 You have a limited amount of time (1 to 3 months) to upgrade to Pro Stager. That way, you are a profitable Pro Stager and can earn money (200$ to 5000&). So easy! 

What are the Stager levels? 

Currently, there are 10 levels for Stagers. Each level as a specific amount and quantity of tasks you need to accomplish, and to receive the bonus you have to complete them in the indicated timeframe.  

How can I get more money?

When you share the video you made for Stage App on other social media, you will have more likes, comments, followers. This way, you can upgrade as a Stager and earn more money. 

Are there video policies for Stagers? (H2) 

Stage aims to have the best possible content for you to shine, making as much money as possible through sales from your videos, while also respecting each Store’s essence. So here are some basic guidelines to take into consideration when creating your videos: Stage video policies. 

Let’s go ahead and get started with downloading the App. Stage marketplace is a video monetization platform that lets you buy and earn from the product’s video easily. 

In addition, Stage helps make your videos go viral by featuring them across the App or on other social media to earn you more. Of course, there will be more great news in the future on Stage, so stay tuned. 


  • How much money will I earn in 1 month?

    With 5 videos and 50 followers, you can earn 200$. But it’s not all. Check out the chart.  

  • How many videos can I upload?

    The quantity of videos you upload depend on the number of products you purchase.  

  • What are common reasons for video rejection?

    Follow the Stage Guidelines for Creating Video Content to avoid rejection.