Stage Try’s awesome “Return Killer” solutions for e-commerce

We’ve talked about the reasons why people return products they purchase online and we learned some strategies to keep that from happening before. Some of these reasons are: 

  • wrong fit or size 
  • wrong color 
  • Not what the customer expected 
  • Change of mind about the purchase 

Knowing this, we can tell that some good practices to avoid returns are: 

  • Showcasing your products with high-quality videos and pictures that clearly show the customer what they are purchasing. 
  • Describing your products in detail and giving the shopper as much information as possible. 
  • Including a size chart that is easy to understand 
  • Having a clear and simple return policy. 

 But besides that, you can use other tools to reduce the returns, such as Stage Try’s “Return Killers”.

Avoiding Try Before You Buy returns 

Once you join the Try Before You Buy model, you may be worried about customers constantly returning products and the expenses that come with that. How can you keep shoppers from returning their products?  

Well, the key is to give them reasons to keep the product. The most important one out of these must be the product’s excellent quality, but there are more ideas to tempt customers into keeping their purchases. 

And as a Premium Try Before You Buy option, Stage Try offers its customers two amazing tools to help them reduce returns to their stores. 

Stage Try’s “Return Killer” Tools. 

As you know, shoppers in your Stage Try store can be casual shoppers or Stagers, our very own group of influencers that can take the reach of your store to another level. 

Our “Return Killer” solutions center around our two kinds of shoppers: casual shoppers and Stagers. Let’s take a look at our tools in more detail: 


A cashback is essentially a fixed and small amount of money that is “given back” to the customer as a reward for certain actions, like buying a certain amount of money or, in this case, keeping all the products from an order. 

You can offer your Stager customers a set amount of cashback for certain products, provided they keep their entire order, not just the products with an assigned cashback. 

Which products offer cashback and how much money you give back are things that are completely under your control and you can set them up in your Stage Try store dashboard. 

Exclusive discounts 

Everybody loves getting discounts on their purchases and they are a major driver of people’s purchases in both traditional and electronic commerce. They make an offer that customers just can’t resist, and most of the time, they don’t. They jump through any necessary hoops to obtain the discount and that’s what makes this solution such a powerful one. 

You can offer all your customers, casual shoppers and Stagers, a discount on their total payment if they keep the whole order. How much your discount is from the total is up to you and you can also set it up in your Stage Try store dashboard. 


As a reward, cashback is only available to Stager shoppers and it’s one of many ways they can earn money in the app, so you can encourage casual customers to become Stagers, get this amazing reward, and even more if they become ambassadors for your store and post videos of their purchases. 

You can promote these exclusive rewards in your store story campaigns, on social media, or anywhere else according to your marketing plan.  

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