Stage Try Solutions

How does Stage Try work?   

Stage is an end-to-end eCommerce platform amplifying order value and conversion rate for online Brands through a Premium ‘Try Before You Buy’ solution. This is more than a trend: is a concept that can revolutionize the landscape of online shopping. The main goal is to boost the store’s sales while providing the customers with a unique experience that pairs the best of offline and online shopping.   

Try Before You Buy: B2B Benefits to Know   

According to recent studies, the average shopping cart abandonment rate currently is 74.52%. Interest potential customers leave without shopping because of a great array of reasons but we have the premium solution to drive them into a final purchase. What are the benefits of “Try Before You Buy” and how does it solve this problem?   

Our “Try Before You Buy” solution offers the customer convenience and trust, by allowing them to try all ordered products for a specific period before making a final purchase. This is the process that will turn any “abandoned cart” into a final purchase.   

Once Store actives our “Stage Try” button they can expect to:   

  • Increase Sales 4X & Average Order Value (AOV)    
  • Reach a new pool of customers with Stage try website & mobile app   
  • Get a fully configurable smart dashboard that includes Operational, Analytical, Financial, and Marketing tools   

How “Try Before You Buy” works for customers (B2C)  

Customers will quickly notice that “Try Before You Buy” is an easy and seamless shopping option. The journey starts when they visit any online store or brand that has activated our “Stage Try” button. Then they’ll go through the following steps:   

  • Browse and choose: customers can find and add all desired items to their shopping cart.   
  • Click on the “Stage Try” button: the shopper can place their order with zero dollars ($0) check out.   
  • Verify personal information: from desired shipping address to credit card info, the registration process is quick, easy, and safe.   
  • Free shipping: once an order has been received the store will prepare its package and send it to its new owner. Shipping costs are on us!   
  • Product trial: the shopper has a 7 days product trial period to try the products at the comfort of their home.   
  • Finalize order: if everything goes as expected the customer can finalize their order with a simple tab on the Stage App. They will only be charged for the products they decide to keep.   
  • Returned items: maybe the product wasn’t the right fit, don’t worry, all customers can access a printable free shipping label.   
  • Earn rewards: once the customer has their products, they can record creative videos of it sharing their style and comments on the Stage Try App, this is the path to earn bonuses, discounts, and even cashback.  

How “Try Before You Buy” works for stores (B2B) 

A Stage Try partnership opens up a window of opportunities for your store, is the path to stay ahead of the competition with a premium “Try Before You Buy” solution.   

The process itself is seamless and easy:   


  • Sign up: once the store has created its account the Stage Try Team will reach out to confirm the registration. 
  • Stage Try” button: with this quick registration any business can activate the “Stage Try” button powered by Stage Try on their website 

  • Seamless catalog management: once a Store activates the Stage Try Try Sales channel, they can automatically sync their product list and make them available in the Stage Try App and Website.
  • Keeping track: with the Stage Try Dashboard, Stores have access to pre- to post-purchase tracking, return process, delivery, and general settings.   
  • Customer’s pool: access to a new pool of active shoppers through the Stage Try website and App
  • User-generated content: there is no better promotion than a real-life review of your products. Through the Stage Try App and website, all customers have the chance to create creative videos of your products  
  • Consumer and marketing strategies: from cashback to bonuses, rewards and discounts, Stage Try offers you the right platform to run marketing campaigns to encourage purchases and increase customer loyalty, two factors that can help any business to increase their revenue.   

Partner with Stage today and accelerate your eCommerce business.

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