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Packing a backpack has a significant effect on your trip quality. Imagine you have to end up unloading your entire pack in the rain to get to a jacket you somehow stuffed at the bottom. It’s crazy!

How to Pack your Backpack – packing a backpack

When you choose a suitable type of backpacks, now it’s time to load up your stuff. Do you spread all the things you plan to take on the floor in front of you before you start packing? 

This article on Stage Marketplace, explains the proper way of packing a backpack and offers what goes where. Read on to become a packing expert. 

How do you properly backpack?

How do you properly backpack

There’s no one right way to pack. According to your experiences on different routines, you will find which style of packing a backpack works best for you. However, the following steps will help you pack a backpack the right way, with efficiency, convenience, and comfort in mind. 

  • Choosing the right backpack 
    Consider the size and fit of the load for your adventure. These 2 key factors can save you from back and shoulder pain, and it’s an investment in your happiness on the trail too. 
    Your backpack’s volume has to be big enough for all the gear but not larger than you need (or how much you can carry!). Although the right volume depends on your gear and trip style, you need something in the 40- to 70-liter backpack for the overnight trips.  
  • What you need  
    Generally, the length of your trip, the location, and the season will determine the amount of food, gear, etc. Before packing a backpack, provide a complete gear checklist to check all you need, including food, clothes, and accessories. 
  • How to pack a backpacking pack 
    A backpack is divided into different zones to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. Each part shows you where to pack the gear: for instance, heavy items should be close to mid-back for a stable center of gravity. 

 There are 4 weight zones: 

  • Bottom 
  • Middle back 
  • Front 
  • Top 

Let’s speak about these 4 internal weight zones in order of how they are packed. We’ll start with zone #1 (the bottom) 
The bottom of your backpack is for midweight and bulky items you won’t need before making camp—some items such as a sleeping bag, sleeping padcamp clothes (Any layers, like long underwear that you plan to sleep in)camp shoes or down booties, and pillow. 

The next part is zone #2 (the middle back); this area is closest to the center of your back. You can put all your heaviest gear in this zone. It can help keep your pack’s center of gravity become stable against your body. The items to place in the middle back include the tent body, cookware, food stash (entrees, not snacks), the stove, extra clothing, hydration reservoir, and fuel.

Zone #3 (front) is the furthest away from the body. It’s proper for the lightest gear, such as lightweight clothes, towel, and toiletries. And the last part is zone #4 (The top); you’ll love this zone much more. Professional backpackers call this zone: the pack’s brain. 

Put Lighter items you may need access to quickly in this zone, like first aid, water filter, snacks, a compass, sunscreen, rain jacket, sunglasses, etc.

In addition to these 4 zones, your backpack may have other additional parts, such as side pockets, front pouch, loops, and cinch cords. 

 Once you master how to pack a backpack, make a video showing the packing process and enjoy great Cashback on Stage! 

Backpacking tips

The art of correct packing backpack is quite so elusive to make an entire trip. You will have everything you need when you know how to pack a backpack; you can find things in a hurry and keep packed valuables safe. 

 We collect here some expert experiences of packing a backpack for travel. 

  • Choose the stuff carefully. 
  • Try to pack light. 
  • Leave your closet at home, just pick the items that can provide both breathability and warmth. 
  • Keep important items handy. 
  • Put survival items in shells and outerwear (brain of the pack) for fast emergency access.  
  • Try to keep your items in order. 
  • Match the gear you’re bringing to the type of trip you’ll be making. 

 How do you pack a backpack for travel?

Choose a backpack with pockets for travel. They are so much easier to use and keep your clothes organized. Here’s what you need for travel in your backpack: 

  • Separate laptop compartment 
  • Organizational panel in the backpack’s front pocket 
  • Small front pocket on the backpack’s face 
  • Hip belt pockets 
  • Water bottle pouch on travel backpack’s side 

When you collect everything that you need, put them on 4 zones mentioned before and be careful of weight distribution. And that’s it, now you are ready for any great trip! 

How do I distribute my backpack weight?

When you know the different zones of your backpack, you will it find easy to distribute your backpack weight. According to these 4 zones, put sleeping gear in first at the bottom of your pack (Zone#1), place heavier food and cooking items in next, in the middle of your backpack (Zone#2), any outer layers and light supplies at the top of your pack (Zone#3), and accessorize your outer pockets, clips and loops (Zone#4) 

Where do you put heavy items in a backpack?

This will depend on several things, including the duration of the hike, the weight of the items, the size of the pack, etc.  The best place to put heavy items is near the back, just above the waist. The hip belt anchors the weight directly over the hips, where the bulk of the weight is located. It reduces the distance this weight has to move and can eliminate sway and any additional work. 

 It’s time to start your big adventure without the small matter of fitting all your travel essentials in your backpack. Packing a backpack in the right way makes your travel perfect. Now you are ready to browse the backpacks on the Stage Marketplace channel, choose one you like, order it, and try before buy. A fantastic opportunity is to make some fun and cool videos from your travel to share. And guess what? Your followers enjoy your adventure and some percepts of the backpack’s price will return!!! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.  


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