Online shopping Trends that are powering businesses forward

It seems that the E-Commerce growth opportunities are endless. As online shopping is exploding, companies also are tracking online shopping trends that will define the marketplace in the following months or years.  

Discover the trends that can help your business. We’ve selected 5 online shopping trends that you should consider and assess for your business. Read this article on Stage Marketplace. 

Has online shopping increased in 2021?

After 25 years, online shopping statistics indicate that it has evolved from a simple idea into a gigantic industry worth trillions of dollars. 

Although we can’t know for sure how many online buyers will spend online in the future, Statista predicts about 2.14 billion customers will purchase services and goods in 2021 on the web. 

  What is the key factor for the growth of E-Commerce?

Some key factors promoting the growth of E-Commerce are search engine optimization, faster payments, mobile traffic, ease in purchasing, and using online shopping trends. We’re going to address the latter one later on, so keep reading.  

 Why are E-commerce trends so important? 

All the E-Commerce changes have revolutionized retail, and it’s becoming increasingly competitive too. If you have a business, it’s vital to monitor all the online shopping trends to take advantage of them. 

 That’s why it’s essential to find E-Commerce growth opportunities with online shopping trends and analyze them: this is the best time to include online shopping developments into your business, drive your e-commerce brand forward, stay ahead of your competition and ensure steady growth of your online store. 


What are the current online shopping trends? (H2)  

  • Mobile Apps for online shopping 

Over 80% of online shopping sales are expected to come from smartphones. If you have a store, having a mobile app will increase your sales because shoppers have many more shopping options via mobile devices. There are 2 reasons why smartphones are driving so much e-commerce growth: 

  1. Rising number of mobile users
  2. Using mobile device for purchasing is fast, easy, and safe. 
  • Role of social media in e-commerce 

Social media is as practical as e-commerce. Considering that the average person spends about an hour and 40 minutes browsing social media every day, using social media builds your brand awareness, attracts online followers, and generates online sales. Many social media experts believe this online shopping trend will continue as some new ones emerge.  

Social media provides your store or your business an opportunity to be discovered while people scroll through their feeds. 

  •  Environmental issues influence customer behavior 

A new online shopping trend is paving the way forward to greener consumerism habits. While consumers are beginning to feel more responsible for the planet, green consumerism is rising, therefore, businesses need to consider it. 

You should make sure your products are environmentally friendly because this will impact shoppers’ decisions. 

  • Augmented reality can transform the online shopping experience. 

Online shopping with augmented reality (AR) gives customers a real-time, scale view of what the product would look like in its surroundings. 3D technology helps consumers choose easily because they can understand how clothing, glasses, cosmetics, furniture, and floor coverings would look on them or in their homes, it also allows buyers to customize products.

  • Try before you buy 

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY is one of the most popular business opportunities to improve product discovery and conversion. Online shopping doesn’t let you see the product fabric, feel the texture, and critically check the size. This experience is possible because businesses, like Stage Marketplace, offer the user the chance to test the product before making a final purchase.  

 Try before you buy (TBYB) is a new online shopping trend that enables shoppers to order multiple items when they can’t decide what they like to buy, it’s reshaping how people shop! 

 According to a study of 4000 people on fingarodigital, 76 percent of consumers would maybe or definitely buy more items if they were offered to try before purchasing. In fact, on average, with brands that offer try before you buy solutions, consumers order three times as many items each month. 

 With this fantastic business solution, customers only pay for those they do not send back within a predefined period. In comparison with other traditional returns policies, in the TBYB system, shoppers don’t have to wait for their returns to be processed to receive reimbursement.  

 Stage supports your store to increase sales with an amazing e-commerce trend: Try before you buy. 

Try before you buy, provided on Stage Marketplace channel in Shopify, is a great opportunity for the Canadian e-commerce industry in the days to come. 


What are the latest trends in e-commerce for 2021? 

The E-Commerce after COVID-19 has expanded. Even now, more and more people prefer buying things online because they are not willing to step out and risk exposure. But uncertainty is the enemy of online shopping.  

If you haven’t considered “Try before you buy” as the latest online shopping trend, you are missing out on serious revenue. 

 As you saw, there’s a lot of new things happening in E-Commerce. Stores should always be looking toward the future, and taking advantage of online shopping trends helps you adapt to the advancement in technology and changes in customer behavior. 

 Try different online shopping trends and evaluate which ones are the right for your business. We recommend customizing the customer journey with our “Try Before You Buy” premium solution. 

 There has never been a better time to invest in your business marketing future through TBYB on Stage Marketplace channel. 

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