Killer tools to lower your return rate

Killer tools to lower your return rate 

Online shopping is comfortable and easy, but when someone acquires a product based solely on images, descriptions, and reviews, there is a big chance of the customer not being satisfied with what they receive when the item finally reaches their hand. 20% of online-bought products are returned, most of them (70%) come from the fashion and apparel industry. 

Returns are a big problem for online merchants: it costs time and effort, it needs an effective protocol, and it can have a big impact on their overall customer experience. But with solutions like “Try Before You Buy” there is a way to turn “returns” into “sales”, keep reading to learn how to improve your store’s average return rate. 

How to improve your store’s return rate 

Stage Try was created to solve problems like abandoned shopping carts rates and return rates. By activating the unified “Try Before You Buy” checkout button, a store has access to a series of benefits that will help them reduce their returns and boost their sales. This is what you can do to improve your return rate with these tools: 

  1. Improve your product descriptions: images are good but, at this time, and age customers want more. A video review is priceless and with an integration like the one that the Stage Try App has your own customers can easily share their experience and views on your products. 
  2. Reduce the uncertainty of shopping without seeing the product: “Try Before You Buy” is a premium solution for eCommerce because it gives the customer the chance to test the product during a fixed time period before making a final purchase. 
  3. Make the “return” process simple: returning an item can be complicated, the idea could even drive away customers from making an initial purchase. With solutions like “Try Before You Buy” the shopper has the certainty of not only trying the product before making their purchase, but they already have a prepaid return label to send back any items that didn’t pass the test. 
  4. Improve your communication with the customer: your marketing efforts don’t stop on a good social media campaign, Stage Try’s Automated Dashboard has killer return tools that ease the process for the customer and marketing tools that will encourage them to shop. 

Learn more about how Stage Try works and what it can do for your business by booking a demo: schedule a meeting here

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