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How to improve your product descriptions to boost your sales 

Customers today want more: a better shopping process, fast delivery, and overall, the reassurance that they are getting what they are expecting. The #ShoppingFail hashtag exist for a reason, many times is not about the product quality but about a faulty description that doesn’t give all the details to the customer leading to a disappointing experience once the product reaches their hands. 

Some types of products need to be tested to be sure that they are what you are looking for. Just imagine buying a pair of shoes or pants without ever trying them on. Stage Try brings a simple and fast solution to this problem, here we have summed up a few ways to improve the information you give your customers about your products to improve your sales conversion rate. 

How to get a product description that sales 

We always say it: your products are great, but in order to sell them your customers need to know this. With so much information running around the internet and such a wide range of products, if all the information about an item is not available at first look, your customer might decide to go and look somewhere else for what they are looking for. 

Let’s say you managed to write a really good product description including all the details about the product: materials, size, usability, and other characteristics. Still, one picture wins over a thousand words, not only do you need pictures of good quality they also need to differentiate the products from the competition. 

Stage Try solves this issue in a sample way, it gives customers the best of both worlds: customers can order something online quick and easy as they always do when online shopping, and the big plus: they can test and try the products like they do when visiting a brick-and-mortar store. This model is called “Try Before You Buy” and it works with the help of a unified checkout button online stores and merchants can activate on their websites.  There is no better description than having the product in your own hands, but for customers that are still unsure about placing an order, they can see how the product looks “in real life” and “how it works” by visiting the Stage Try App and seeing short-form video reviews of Stagers, these are active users (and avid shoppers) that share their experience with the products they buy with the Stage Try community. With a couple of tabs, any shopper can see your listed

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