How Try Before You Buy works for Shoppers

If you need a quick refresher of what Try Before You Buy is, it’s an e-commerce solution that allows customers to select a variety of participating products, receive them at home, try them for some time (7 days with Stage Try), and then return the ones that didn’t meet their expectations, so they only pay for the products they kept.  

The Try Before You Buy solution that Stage Try offers online stores is a very exciting opportunity for customers. Shoppers love the idea of imitating the process of buying in a brick-and-mortar store in the comfort of their homes. 

Add to that the fact they can return the products they don’t like for free and will only pay for what they really loved and, boom! they’re sold. 

On top of that, as a Stager, not only can you buy products using Try Before You Buy, you get to post short videos about them and this way unlock discounts and cashback. A dream come true. 

However, many customers don’t know how the process of buying through the Try Before You Buy solution works, this is due to the model being very new and somewhat scary for some. 

So let’s go through the purchase process, step by step, so all your doubts about using the Try Before You Buy option are answered and the process that seemed overwhelming becomes a relatively simple one. 

Here’s how it goes: 

Find the stores

You can go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Stage Try. Click on it, and then install it. 


You can visit your favorite Shopify stores that have the Try Before You Button on their checkout page. 


You can visit, click on Shop and find the products you’re looking for there. 

Select your products 

Whichever way you decide to access the Stage Try marketplace, the next step is to search for and select the products you want. Simply add them to the cart as you would in any other online store. 


Go to the Checkout page

If you’re in our Stage Try Website or App, proceed to checkout as you normally would, following the instructions on the screen.  

If you’re shopping from the store’s site, checkout using the customized Try Before You Buy button. 


Wait for the package to arrive

After your order is confirmed, the store will be notified that it’s a Try Before You Buy order. They will fulfill it normally and send you a package with your products and the return label inside. 


Try your products

From the day you receive your package, you will have 7 consecutive days to look closely at them, try them on, and evaluate them.
Bear in mind some products, like makeup, cannot be opened and tried on, you can only have a very good look at them and choose if they’re right for you. 

Inform the store of the returns

Once you’ve had a good look or tried on the products you picked out, decide which ones you want to keep.  

In the app or on our website, inform the store of the products you want to keep. 


Return the unwanted 

Package the products you are going to return, seal the box and use the prepaid return shipping label provided to mail them back to the store. Remember to pack your return items carefully.  


Wait for the store to close the order

Wait for the store to confirm the returned items arrived in good condition. This is when you pay for your order, only the items you marked as kept will be charged. 

At this point, the store will mark the order as complete and close it. 

Get the rewards 

If any of the products you picked has a discount, it will be applied at the moment of charging your payment method.
If you’re a Stager and any of the products has a cashback, you will have to post a Style about it before you receive it in your Stage Try account. You can withdraw the funds derived from cashback or Stager Level Bonuses to your personal account whenever you want.

The Rules 

Try Before You Buy is a great option for customers who have a hard time visualizing the style or size of the products when they are shopping online.  

It comes with a lot of benefits but it also has some rules: 

  1. Treat the products carefully when you’re trying them. If you damage any product in any way, the store will charge you for the damaged item if you return it. 
  2. Keep in mind: Some products cannot be tried on or tested without permanently damaging them, like makeup. If you open the packaging of any makeup products, they are considered contaminated and the store can’t sell them to someone else, so you will be charged for them. 
  3. Pack the return package just as carefully: Once the products come back to the store, they will be inspected. If any of them gets damaged in the mail on the way back, you will be charged for them.

  4. If you’re a Stager: As a Stager, you get access to cashback on certain items. To release this reward, you must post a Style, a short video displaying the product, on the Stage Try platform. Remember to tag the store! 
  5. Contact the store: If you have doubts about products you were charged for, or if as a Stager you’d like to collaborate with a particular store, you can use the internal direct message system to send them a message. 

To enjoy all the benefits of Try Before You Buy, you must consider the store your ally and treat the products as carefully as you would in a brick-and-mortar store. This is crucial. 

More stores are joining Stage Try every week and the options to pick products to try keep getting more varied. Browse the Stage Try marketplace or look at the deals section in the app to catch the best discounts on products you like. 

We hope this guide was useful to understand the process of buying with Stage Try’s Premium alternative and that you feel much more comfortable with the idea of trying it. Download the app so you can always shop for interesting items and upload Styles. 

Happy Shopping. 

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