How to wash shoes in washing machine

Are your shoes not ready for the catwalk? Are they stained or smelling a little funky? If your favorite pair is washing machine friendly, don’t worry, here at Stage Marketplace we have collected the best tips and tricks to help you bring them back to their former self with one safe travel to the washing machine! Read on. 

How to wash shoes in a washing machine – A step-by-step guide

Making this an easy process is a matter of preparation: always keep tissue paper at hand to clear any stain on your shoes as soon as possible! 

Before washing shoes in the washing machine, ensure that you’ve read the care and cleaning instructions. Then check you’ve set the right temperature according to the care label. Follow this step-by-step method to keep your shoes safe and sparkling clean, just like they were the day you bought them.  

Preparation: Although washing shoes in a washing machine isn’t difficult, it takes some preparation. You need the following tools and materials on hand:  

Mesh garment bag  

Liquid laundry detergent  

A soft brush or an old toothbrush   

A cream cleanser  


Remove the laces from the shoes.  

 If your laces are especially dirty, you can clean them manually with laundry detergent and a soft brush. Otherwise, put them in a mesh laundry bag or an empty pillowcase to protect them from becoming snagged on the inside of the drum.  

Use a soft brush and soapy water to gently wipe down your insoles. Then set your washing machine on these suggested options:  Delicate  

Cold water cycle   

Slow or no-spin   

We recommend using liquid detergent instead of powder detergent. The powder can get stuck in the fabric of the shoe if it doesn’t dissolve properly.  

Air dry: It’s better to be patient and air-dry your shoes, instead of tumble drying them. Put your shoes in a warm place, and pop some scrunched-up newspaper inside. This will help absorb excess moisture and also help the shoes dry in the correct shape


How can you wash your shoes without ruining them? 

Fortunately, the newest washing machines offer more advanced washing options and have features that allow you to clean your shoes safely, an improvement from old washing machines could ruin them on their first wash.   

Some types of shoes are perfect for machine washing (canvas and fake leather) while others aren’t (leather, formal shoes like heels, rubber boots, or wellies). Suede or vinyl should never be put in the washing machine. 

If you want to know how to wash shoes in a washing machine without ruining them, we recommend:  

Using cold water  

Select the no spin option in the washing machine  

Air-dry the shoes 

Place a pillowcase inside the washing machine along with one or two tow

  Does the shoe’s material matter when washing them? 

Of course, washing your shoes in the washing machine depends on the material of your shoes. As mentioned, canvas and athletic shoes made from synthetic and durable fabrics like nylon, cotton, or polyester can be washed safely in a washing machine.  

What setting should you select to wash shoes in the washing machine? 

Run the machine on a normal setting using cold water.   

Should you dry your shoes with a hairdryer? 

You can use a hairdryer for a quick dry. Don’t use it for a long time because too much heat could damage the material of the shoes.  

You can dry your shoes safely and simply. Pull the tongue up and forward to allow air to circulate through the shoes. Place the shoes in a dry, indoor spot, either in front of a floor heater, radiator, or even a fan. 

How can I wash my shoes without ruining them?

 If you have a fairly new or modern washing machine this an easy task. They have many advanced options that work for most footwear models, allowing you to clean them quick, easy and safely in just one cycle, unlike older model what were too harsh on the material and were frequently the reason behind ruined shoes.


How can you wash sneakers at home? 

There are some extra tips to make the best out of cleaning your favorite sneakers on a washing machine:  

  • Always remember to remove the shoelaces before putting them in the machine 
  •  It’s better to wash laces separately from the shoes.  
  • Scrub any dried or loose dirt off the sneakers using a toothbrush. 
  • Double check that your machine is set on the right washing cycle.  
  • Fill the rest of the machine with something like towels or blankets. These will act as a buffer and protect the sneakers.  
  • Use the correct amount of detergent.  
  • It’s best to just let the shoes air-dry. 

Can you soak shoes in water? 

 When it comes to remove more dirt and stains from shoes, you can soak shoes in water and detergent for no longer than 30 minutes. Use a stain stick or other treatments if needed. 

Dry them off with a clean towel and set them to the side. If your laces are particularly dirty, you could also fill your sink with warm water and leave the shoelaces to soak for 10 to 15 minutes while you clean the rest of your shoes. 

 Knowing how to wash shoes in washing machine safely is a huge help. The steps we mentioned in this post are for people who are always unsure about how to properly wash their shoes in an effective and quick way without damaging the material or the shape.
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