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How to wash jeans – the best methods and tips

Jeans have been an inseparable item of clothing in our wardrobe for many years. Jeans are comfortable, durable, and easy to style with, no wonder why we all love them! If your favorite pair of jeans need to be cleaned, you’d better think twice before you toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Washing jeans is not rocket science, but denim requires some maintenance and we have to find the best way to wash jeans without fading or shrinking.

You spend your precious time and money to buy the perfect jeans, so it sounds pretty reasonable to take care of them and wash them in a way that you can extend their life.  

In this article, we have rounded up all the tips and tricks you need to know for washing your jeans. Follow us through the article to find out how to clean jeans with no damage. 

How often should jeans be washed? 

wash jeans

You might have heard here and there that jeans don’t need to be washed, so you might ask, are you supposed to wash jeans?  

Basically, denim is a rugged fabric and doesn’t necessarily need to be washed very often. If you want to truly protect your jeans and keep them like day one, the best way is to not wash them. But this is not a practical solution because jeans can get dirty, smelly, and stained just like any other item of clothing. 

So, how often should I wash my jeans? The less you wash your jeans, the less stress you put on the fabric. So only wash them when they are really dirty. Here are some extra tips: 

  • If you have more than one pair of jeans, it is recommended that you don’t wear one pair on repeat, so each pair gets dirty less often. 
  • Higher-quality jeans can withstand laundry better, which means you can wash them more often. 
  • If your jeans don’t smell and are clean overall but they are stained, you can simply spot-clean the stain instead of washing the whole pants. 
  • Most jeans come with a garment tag. Don’t forget to read and follow the laundry instructions. The tag is specifically designed for your pair of jeans and is your best guide for washing them. 

What is the best way to wash jeans? Hand-wash or machine-wash 

Why would anyone want to wash clothes by hands while you can just load them up in the washing machine and walk away? Well, if you are obsessed with keeping your jeans in their perfect look, you might prefer to wash them with hands. Hand washing might bring about less damage to the fabric (only if done through the steps we mention below!) but it takes a lot of effort. Jeans get so heavy when they are soaked making them difficult to wash and rinse. So, a more practical and yet careful method to wash jeans is to use the washing machine but have the tips we mention in the article in mind. 

How to wash jeans by hand

wash jeans by hand

If you want to wash jeans without fading, you need to clean them the right way. Follow these steps for a careful wash: 

  1. Turn them inside out – Turn your jeans inside out to minimize contact with the denim dye. 
  1. Add water – You need to submerge your jeans, so it’s recommended to wash jeans in the bathtub. Fill the tub with cold or lukewarm water (don’t forget to check the tag for a suitable temperature). 
  1. Add your detergent – Use non-bleach detergents designed for dark clothes to avoid fading. You can also add some white vinegar especially if you are washing your jeans for the first time. Vinegar sets denim dye and avoids bleeding. 
  1. Add your jeans – You need to submerge them fully. Swish them around for a few minutes and let them soak for 15 to 30 minutes. 
  1. Rinse – Rinse the jeans by draining the dirty water and filling the tub again with cold water. Let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes. If they are still dirty, repeat the 4th step. 
  1. Dry – To dry the jeans, roll and fold them and squeeze them gently. Don’t wring them too much as it can damage the fabric. Lay them flat or hang them on a hanger to dry. 

How to wash jeans in the washing machine

wash jeans in the washer

Hand washing jeans might be tough for you, but machine washing can be tough on denim. However, you are not going to destroy your jeans by washing them in the washing machine if you follow these careful steps: 

  1. Read the tag – Before doing anything else, read the fabric tag on your jeans. If your jeans are only hand-washable, don’t go any further with these steps! 
  1. Turn them inside out – Turn your jeans inside out to minimize contact with the denim dye. Also, zip zippers and fasten buttons to keep the jeans in shape. 
  1. Add your detergent – Use non-bleach detergents designed for dark clothes to avoid fading. You can also add some white vinegar to the rinse cycle compartment especially if you are washing your jeans for the first time. Vinegar sets denim dye and avoids bleeding. 
  1. Select the cycle – Put your jeans in the washing machine and select a short delicate cycle, ideally with cold water. 
  1. Dry – Consult the care tag for drying. It’s recommended that you don’t tumble dry your jeans. Driers can be really hard on clothes. Take them out immediately once washing is done and lay them flat or hang them on a hanger to dry. If you still want to use the drier, take them out slightly damp and let them air dry. Over-drying them can cause the fabric to shrink. 

Wash jeans in the freezer – myth or fact?

wash jeans in the freezer

You might have heard that one way to clean your jeans is to freeze them. The idea behind this method is that sub-zero temperatures can kill germs and bacteria. But the truth is, scientists have proven that household freezer cannot kill bacteria; it only makes them dormant. So, you can’t really wash your jeans in the freezer. If you want to get rid of all the bacteria and the odor, you need water and detergent. 

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