How to shop for glasses for your face shape


They’re here to help you see better, protect your eyesight, and have also become an important accessory in your fashion style.

There is a very wide variety of styles and looks of glasses, and the factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a pair go from a style that suits your face to a color that matches your wardrobe.

To help you out we have compiled this useful quick guide of styles that best suit your face shape, one of the many things to take into consideration when buying glasses. These are only recommendations of where to start, all the finer details are up to you, what you like to wear and how you want to look.

Knowing your face shape is very helpful, not only when it comes to choosing glasses but also applying makeup and getting a haircut, for example, and it is a great starting point when it comes to choosing which style of glasses to try on.

So here is our cheatsheet for glasses styles for each face shape.

Oval Face:

The most common shape of faces there is, oval faces are well-balanced and softly rounded, with a forehead balanced with the jaw and high cheekbones.

Lots of frames will look good on you and you can choose pretty much any you like. When you have an oval face, the choice comes down to comfort and fit, more than the shape of the frame.

A good, cheeky style for women is the cat-eye frame, while men can benefit from large, rounded frames.

Round Face:

Known as the “short face”, round faces have curvy and smooth lines, with the jaw and forehead being similar in width, with round cheeks and a rather small chin.

Thick straight lines, with pronounced corners, and square frames are the best option to balance the lines of your face. Semi-rimmed styles with a thick brow line are a good option for you too.

Heart-shaped Face:

Has a wide forehead and a rather narrow jawline, with high cheekbones.

Round frames can create balance on your face, as well as frames that are straight at the top and rounded at the bottom, like aviators. Rimless glasses are great to give you something subtle to highlight your features without obscuring them.

Triangle Face:

This is the kind of face that has a wide and pronounced jawline and a slightly narrower forehead, with narrow cheekbones. This is a very rare face shape.

Look for frames that bring weight to the top of your face, with thick or decorated brow lines or wide frames that widen the top of your face.

Square Face:

More common in men, square faces have wide jawlines and foreheads, with strong and clear straight lines and sharp angles. Often described as the “strong” face, has very clear lines, even around the chin.

The best option to soften the lines of the face are round glasses, thin or semi-rimless. Choose styles that sit high on the bridge of your nose and are wider than your face. Avoid thin and angular styles. Try to go for things that will soften the straight lines, like thick and round frames.

As we mentioned, these are only meant as a starting point when it comes to choosing your glasses. Things like your personal style, what you’re comfortable with, and details like decoration and color all play a huge part in what you choose in the end.

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