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How to reduce friction at checkout and boost your sales 

In a previous post, we discussed the reasons why a customer would leave during the checkout process in online stores. Knowing the cause is the key to finding a solution to a rather common problem eCommerce merchants phase on a daily basis.

The problem with the matter is that customers want a smooth, trustworthy shopping process, and any block on that road could cause them to drop off and abandon their shopping cart. However, there are many things an online merchant can do to reduce friction at checkout and secure the desired sale each time, read on to learn what changes you can implement in your own store to ensure a smooth shopping process.

Tips to reduce purchase friction in online stores

A customer’s shopping journey has many steps and each one of these has the ability to cause friction in the process and discourage the customer from completing the purchase. How can you reduce the probability of your clients finding friction in the checkout process?

We will give you some tips and show you some tools Stage Try offers to make shopping a smooth sail for your customers.

Make it simple: if your checkout process takes more than 5 steps, it is time to slim it down. Cut down on forms and make data recollection simple. Also, save up that information safely for future purchases.

Eliminate hidden fees: customers want a clear process, if anything pops up by surprise when making their payment, it will surely discourage them from making a purchase. 

Be transparent about your products: give your customer as much information about the product as possible: pictures, videos, reviews, descriptions, size charts, and functionalities, and do it honestly. Your products are good, but online shopping requires much more information, so the customer is sure they are picking the right product.

Be upfront with shipping fees: sometimes this can be the final push to discourage someone from their purchase, offering free shipping or some other shipping solution can ease the process for the shopper and take them to the final line.

Stage Try also helps to solve this problem with a simple integration: the first “Try Before You Buy” checkout button. This premium solution offers the customer a fast and easy checkout thanks to end-to-end fulfillment technology. It also enables a 7-day product trial on their purchase, so they can look at the products and return the ones they don’t like. Their data is also saved safely for future purchases. The “Try Before You Buy” model comes with the ease and transparency process of free shipping and free return (in the case of unwanted products). Plus, the customer only pays for the items they decide to keep, with our $0 checkout feature.

There are other methods to deal with abandoned carts, and we will discuss those in a future post. For now, try these out and get rid of the friction that can reduce your sales significatively. Giving your customers the smoothest and simplest checkout process, you encourage them to finish their purchase and reduce the number of abandoned carts so your store can achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

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