How to manage your TBYB order: meet our Automated Dashboard

How to manage your TBYB order: meet our Automated Dashboard 

When we say the “Try Before You Buy” process is simple and seamless for both customers and brands, it is because we have made it so. Behind every successful TBYB transaction, there is a visit to our Automated Dashboard, an end-to-end fulfillment tool where brands can not only track every order, but manage their payments, payouts, shipping, and even access marketing tools. 

To access your very own fully configurable dashboard powered by Stage Try, you need to activate our public Sales Channel on Shopify, then check these tips to know its best features and how it works. 

An Automated Dashboard for Try Before You Buy Orders 

Our Automated Dashboard easily integrates with your Store through the activation of our Shopify Sales Channel. Once you have gone through this main step you will have access to a dashboard that you can customize according to what you need to offer your customers a premium Try Before You Buy service. 

From the Automated Dashboard powered by Stage Try you can: 

  • Track and check the status of your orders on the “Orders” tab. 
  • Seamlessly migrate all your products to the Stage Try website and App and also choose which items are available for TBYB. Check the “Products” tab. 
  • Manage your Statements and Payouts (data, options) through the “Finances” tab. 
  • See how well your TBYB efforts are going in the Analytics section. 
  • Boost your sales and encourage your customers to TBYB with promotions, marketing tools, and kits, which you will find available on the Marketing tab. 
  • Encourage full sales with discounts. 
  • Manage Stager videos, these are user-made short-form video reviews of your products that are shared on both the Stage Try App and Website. You have the power to choose which ones are going to be available to see for Stage Try users. 
  • Packaging: Yes! You can even get branded packaging to give your customers a well-rounded TBYB shopping experience and encourage them to share their experience and the benefits they have enjoyed with this new model. 

Do you want to learn more about our Automated Dashboard and how can it help you manage

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