How to create the very best Style videos for your Stage Try audience

As a Stager in the Stage Try app, you can spread your fashion influencer wings and fly, working from home, in something you love, with unique pieces and making some money on top. You get to try a lot of pieces and showcase them to an audience who will know exactly how to recreate your looks.

A Stager is a special kind of customer in the Stage Try app who posts short videos of their purchases, and this matches up with being fashion influencers –who style fashion pieces and offer styling advice- to a T. Just think of Stage Try as a new platform for your Fashion Vlogging. 

Whether you like to be super feminine or sporty, love neon or pastel colors, there’s someone out there looking for inspiration in your style and there is something you can try before you buy in Stage Try. Don’t be shy and show off your favorite purchases in fun short videos in the app.

Will I find my niche in Stage Try? 

Stage Try is used by all kinds of people with all kinds of styles, so it’s very likely you will find your niche audience in Stage Try. However, don’t get too hung up on only posting Styles that match a very specific and narrow niche and allow yourself some leniency and variety in your Style videos. 

Can I control the Aesthetics of my feed? 

Of course! Just like with any other platform, your feed is yours to look after and you can totally control how it looks. Make sure to keep it looking sharp and interesting, and always remember to mention your favorite stores in Stage Try.  

You can make your feed look however you like, and post Styles for any audience you like, just like you would on any other platform. 

How can I monetize being a Stager? 

We talked about this in a previous post, but the bread and butter of it is that you make money by referring the app to other people, cashback for keeping certain products and growing an audience and rising in the Stager Ranks. 

Just pick your favorite pieces, create a fun and interesting video and upload it. The store will approve it if it follows the guidelines and you’ll see your audience growing in no time. 

So, what are the guidelines for Style videos in Stage Try? 

We want to have only the very best content in our platform and so do our stores and Stagers. To ensure your video matches the quality of the site, make sure to follow these easy guidelines: 

  1. Good light: Make sure to record your video in a well-illuminated space where colors and textures are clearly visible. Avoid recording outdoors, since the sunlight can create over-exposed spots and white flares in your video. 
  1. Good Audio: Record your video in a quiet space, with a good microphone if necessary -if you are going to explain your style, for example- and with no drafts or circulating air that can create noise. 
  1. Composition: This depends on your style and the kind of video you want to make, but keeping the main subject of the video –person or product- in the center of the take and talking while looking at the camera create a feeling of personal connection and emotion.
    Most people find that the camera looking down slightly from above their eye level is a flattering angle. 
  1. No shaking: Nobody –absolutely nobody- like shaky videos on the internet, and much less from their influencers. Put your camera on a tripod or anything that will keep it steady while you record and keep that video steady and sharp. 

Following these guidelines, you will make the best videos that stores and audience will adore, fast-tracking you to Stager Titan! 

Here are some general tips when posting as a Stager. 

First of all: Have fun!  

If you’re not having fun with your videos, it will show and you will see your audience dwindle. Make videos you’d like to watch and have fun while making them. Also, give your audience the information you think they’d like to know –just think of what you’d like to know- and keep them engaged. Always provide value to your audience in your videos. 

Remember that in this fast-paced world of internet influencers you don’t have much time to catch someone’s attention. Make sure to open your videos strongly so people stay and watch the whole video. In fact, the shorter the video, the better. In the age of TikTok, short and fun videos catch more people than longer, drier ones. For Stage Try your video should clock in between 15 and 30 seconds. 

Last but not least: be honest and direct. Don’t lie to your audience and don’t dance around the point. Sure, you take the chance of the store not approving your video if you give a bad review, but if you lie, your audience will know and you will be dismissed as someone who is fake and untrustworthy.  

We hope these tips help you when coming up with ideas to show your Styles and your Stage Try “Try Before You Buy” purchases in an entertaining way that offers value and fun to your audience, helping you grow on the platform as well. 

The important thing is that you have fun and your audience does too. Happy Staging! 

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