How to build customer loyalty for your online store

How to build customer loyalty for your online store

Customer acquisition has become one of the biggest issues to tackle as an Online Merchant. Returning customers are the ones more likely to make purchases than first-time visitors. According to recent research: suggest repeated customers are nine times more likely to place an order. That’s why “customer loyalty” has become such an important factor when it comes to achieving your sales goals. 

Do you want to build a good relationship with your customers that encourages them to come back for future purchases? You need to create a shopping process that is satisfying enough to be repeated. This relationship is worth the effort: repeated customers are the ones poised to raise your average order value, cut down on acquisition costs, and refer you to others. How can you retain your current customers? Read along.

How to retain eCommerce customers 

With acquisition costs rising, your main goal is to reach your current customer base and offer them the shopping experiences they want and need to keep them coming back. The shopping process needed today should be fast, simple, transparent, and fit the needs of modern customers; these are some ideas that can improve your customer relationships and turn an “eventual customer” into a loyal and satisfied customer. 


  1. Give a quality service, both your product and the process to acquire them should be of quality.
  2. Be reliable: your product pictures and descriptions should portray the truth.
  3. Offer customer support: you need to be there at every step of the way to ease any friction in the shopping process.
  4. Improve user experience: shopping is no longer a transaction, it’s an experience. Create channels to communicate with your customers and where they can share their experiences. 
  5. Create a reward program: loyalty should be rewarded, once a customer has gone through the process there should be something at the end line pushing them to come back with an exciting offer.


Stage Try took these five points into account to create the first unified “Try Before You Buy” checkout button, a seamless integration that will help you put your products in the hands of your customers motivating purchases with the offer of checkout with no upfront payment that includes a 7-day product trial. 


This unique shopping experience that reduces customer’s uncertainty by letting shoppers try the products by themselves also gives the user another unique view of your products: real-life reviews made by another customer that have previously made purchases with this premium service and that share their experience in short-form videos with the Stage Try App community. 


Through the App, all customers have the chance to access a reward program by putting themselves in front of the camera and creating videos of their purchases. A fully rounded shopping experience that is also sharable and rewarding. 


To learn more about how Stage Try works book a demo with our representatives: click here to schedule.  

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