How stagers can get income in the Stage Try application

How Stagers can get income in the Stage Try application

How to fill your pocket with lots of cash in this app

Our team had sent this email to those who are at least users; now if you are an influencer and want to make money in the application. First of all, download the app and then fill out the form, you are now a user. You may now order, follow the stores and the stagers, and observe the stager’s video, I am sure that when you’ve seen stager’s videos. You want to be a stager. The stager is the one who can make money on the ‘Stage Try’.

That is extremely simple; just complete your profile, add at least two social networks, and specify your payment method.

How to share your style 

Now that you have become a stager, from now on, you can make a video with any product that you like with the orders you have placed and share your style on the application by clicking the deal button.

How to Stager make money by sharing a style? 

Share your style and acquire followers. The more followers you have, the more you get.

Read this table for getting more information:


Stager Level Follower Approved Video Bonus
Stager to Stager Pro 50 5 200$
Stager Pro to Stager Bronze 150 15 500$
Stager Bronze to Stager Silver 400 40 800$
Stager Silver to Stager Gold 1000 100 1000$
Stager Gold to Stager Diamond 1800 180 1500$
Stager Diamond to Stager Star 3000 300 2000$
Stager Star to Stager Elite 5000 500 2500$
Stager Elite to Stager Celebrity 9000 900 3000$
Stager Celebrity to Stager Titan 20K 1500 5000$

2) Deal with stores

When you follow a store, it might send you a message and stay in touch with you. Follow the stores you want to deal with from now on.

3) Referral

When a person provides a referral code, and the other user uses that person’s referral code, the inviter receives $25, and the invited user receives another $25. If the invited individual has completed their first buy on the ‘Stage Try’ application.

4) Cashback

You can get an income this way. If you purchase the product, create a video about it, and keep the product, the store will approve your video.


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