How should shoes fit? Stage Marketplace answers

When it comes to shoes, proper fit is crucial. Poorly fitting shoes not only hurt your body (feet, ankles, knees, and back) but also can put a damper on your activities.  
If you want to know how shoes should fit, read this article on Stage Marketplace to make your foot size a simple process, with tips on how much room should be in the toe of a shoe. 

It’s always essential to try on shoes and check to see how they feel. Visit Try before you buy and enjoy the online shopping. 

It’s a fact that the size and shape of feet can change over time, just like other parts of the body. But it’s crucial to choose the exact right shoe fit. So don’t trust shoe salespeople try to convince you that the shoe will stretch J That’s like when you’ve bought tiny clothes and have a plan to lose weight! 

How should shoes fit?

Choosing a shoe in an online shop is challenging, following these tips will show you how shoes should fit and you can find the right shoes easily. Let’s dive in. 

Measure your feet 
We recommend you measure your foot at its widest point (at the end of the day). It can help you choose the proper shoes to fit. For this, you need socks, a pen, and paper: 

  • Take a sheet of paper, then plant one foot (with socks) on a paper taped on the floor, with your heel against the wall. 
  • Trace the outline of your foot. 
  • Measure the longest and widest parts of your outline with a rubber. 
  • Repeat the measurement for the other foot 

Now it’s time to find your size on the brand of the size chart shoe you’re shopping. US, UK, or European sizing will be in the chart below: 

*It’s important to try a shoe on and check the fit. 


One Foot Is Larger 
Interestingly, most people have one foot that’s larger than the other! Remember to measure both feet and match for the size of your bigger foot. 

Look at the shape of the shoe 
Don’t rely only on the shoe size. Like clothes, the size might be different from one brand to another one. Plus, the types of shoes determine how shoes should fit. The style and shape of the shoe can resemble the shape of your foot and fit your foot comfortably. 

Pass the finger test  
Slide your index finger between your heel and the heel of your shoe to test if there’s enough room in your shoes. 

Don’t plan on shoes stretching over time 
Forget the story of shoe growth! Although some types of shoes like leather might expand over time, they should fit well when buying shoes. 

Tips to know when trying shoes at shop or home – how should shoes fit 

  • Always shop in the afternoon – when your feet are expanded or when you are up during the day.  
  • Always stand and walk around – Walking around wearing the shoe make you sure if they are comfortable and fit well.  
  • Always put on a pair of socks with closed shoes. 
  • Always order more than one size – order different sizes to try on at home with no checkout. There are many online stores that offer a free return service on purchases.  


Is it better for shoes to be tight or loose?

Although loose shoes might be more comfortable than tight ones, wearing them isn’t ideal. Here are some effects of wearing tight shoes: 

  • Blisters 
  • Calluses  
  • Bunions 

And effects of loose shoes are: 

  • Alter the natural stride. 
  • Big shoes rub against your feet, creating friction, a guaranteed recipe for blisters. 
  • Loose shoes with heels can trigger foot corn. This is a type of callus that develops due to excessive pressure on the toes. 
  • And simply, large shoes might increase your chances of falling because they don’t provide sufficient support.  

Is it OK to wear shoes a size bigger? 

As we said, wearing bigger shoes can hurt your feet. The only shoe you can choose in a bigger size is a sneaker, only about half a size.  

 Should your toes touch the end of your shoes? 

While buying shoes online, you might end up selecting shoes will actually fit on your fit. For this, consider the toe box as an essential part of shoes. Some space for your toes will protect them against impact. 
According to many podiatrists, rounded boxes are the best option to protection because they provide the most breathing room. 

How much room should there be in the toe of a shoe? 

Although this space varies depending on the type of shoe and its toe shape, generally, there should be about one finger’s width of space between the toe and the end of the shoe. 

 Do shoes get looser over time?

Shoe materials are different, and some of them, such as leather, can get looser or expand over time. But as you know, poorly fitting shoes can lead to foot problems, so keep that in mind. 

You shouldn’t buy new shoes in the hope that they’ll stretch over time. 

How should shoes fit and finding the proper shoes is important to keep your feet and body happy. Avoid problems like bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and more taking care of your feet. 

If you need help finding the right size shoes, Stage has a great feature (Try at Home) to make the process as easy as possible. Try before you buy a good idea these days when you buy online, you’ll be able to make sure they fit right. 

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