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Did you know you can “Try Before You Buy” all types of products?

Now more than ever consumers are driven to shop online, even though this experience tends to be quick, seamless, and comfortable there tends to be one downside: you can’t see or try the product before making a purchase when it comes to apparel and certain accessories this part is crucial to avoid a shopping fail and poor customer experience. 

Stage Try brings a seamless solution to this problem with the first “Try Before You Buy” checkout button that gives online stores the chance to offer a $0 checkout and 7-days product trial to their customers, empowering them to shop without barriers and with secured satisfaction.   

How can someone “Try Before You Buy” a product shopping online? 

The “Try Before You Buy” model, also known as “TBYB” and even “Buy now, Pay Later”, is rather simple. It takes the comfort of trying everything you like how you would do it in a brick-and-mortar store and adds the flexibility of online shopping. Follow these steps to “Try Before You Buy” any item:   

  1. Browse through the products and add what you want to your shopping cart  
  2. At checkout: Click on the “Stage Try” button and it will enable you to place an order with no upfront payment and a 7-days product trial.  
  3. Try the product: Once your order is delivered, you’ll have 7 days to try and test all products and see if they are the right fit for you.  
  4. Finalize your order: When the trial period is over, go to the Stage Try App or Website and select the items you are keeping. You’ll only pay for the items kept.  
  5. Returns: If something wasn’t what you expected you can easily return it using the prepaid return label inside the package.   
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