Cashback: One of Stage’s Rewards for Stagers

Buy online, Get cashback

Stage will pay you cashback into your Stage Wallet for some of your online purchases. It’s a fantastic way to boost your income. Doesn’t that sound too good? 

Let’s dive into the details of what cashback is on Stage and how it works

What is cashback shopping at Stage?

The cashback system on Stage helps shoppers save on lots of online purchases. Cashback is offered by many websites and credit card companies today. We are one of the Canadian cashback portals that lets you receive part of your order back. Every time you buy one of the products via our site or app, a percentage of the product’s cost will be returned to you. That’s what cashback is at Stage. 

Refunding a percentage of what a customer spends on a purchase makes online shopping fun! 

Is cash back free money? 

As a shopper, you have to spend money on items you might buy in the Stage Marketplace to get a small fraction of your money back. Technically, it’s not free money, but it’s close! 

Differences between cashback and discount 

Is the cashback different from the discount? It’s something we’re going to tell you. But before that, let’s take a quick look at the discount process: 

Discount refers to an amount or percentage deducted from the price of products. If an item has a discount, it benefits you as a customer as soon as the purchase occurs.  

With cashback, you make a purchase and then Stage returns you a part of the price. That’s why cashback is not a discount. 

How much Cashback amount is there? 

The Cashback is set by the stores, and it will also depend on your Stager Level. Keep in mind, the cashback will be available for you to cash out once the video for the product you purchased becomes available. 

You shouldn’t miss out on the cashback at Stage Marketplace. Order the products you need and receive money back from things you buy. Whether your order is through the website or the Stage App on your mobile phone, you will receive your item and also get a percentage of the total price you paid from our cashback benefit. Enjoy the cashback! 


  • Can anyone receive cashback? 

No, currently only Stagers can receive cashback for purchases made. 

  • How do I receive my cashback? 

Once you complete the purchase on any product that’s eligible for cashback, it will be reflected as a “pending” transaction on your wallet. When you upload the video for the product, it will pass to “available” status and you’ll be able to cash it out using your preferred cash out method. 

  • Is there a limit to how much cashback I receive? 

No 😊 (isn’t that cool?) 

  • When will my cashback become available? 

Once you upload the video for the product you purchased, the cashback for that transaction will become “available” on the Stage Wallet. From that point, you can cash it out with your preferred method. 

  • Why am I receiving different amounts of cashback? 

Since cashback amounts are set by stores, they can determine what amount each Stager level receives from the purchase.  

What app gives you money for shopping? 

There are plenty of apps that pay you to shop. The list below is some of shopping rewards apps. You can use them when you need to buy something: 

Is Stage like a cashback site? 

No, Stage isn’t a cashback site.