7 tips to grow your audience as a Fashion Stager in Stage Try.

Oscar Wilde once said: “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” And while we disagree about the ugliness part, the part about changing it every six months is a little long for our modern time. Fashion no longer changes every six months. It changes every day.

And at the very front of these waves of changing trends and fads are fashion influencers.

A fashion influencer is someone who loves fashion and has created a following by posting fashion-related content on one or many platforms. One of these platforms can be Stage Try.

On Stage Try, we call our influencers Stagers, and we have visited how you can monetize being a Stager in previous posts. This time, we’ll talk about a few things to know before becoming a Fashion Stager and how to grow your following.

But bear in mind loving fashion is not enough to be a Fashion Stager. You need hard work, consistency, and perseverance to allow your profile to grow naturally so you can reach that top tier and earn money from brand collaborations and similar revenue streams, which can turn this into a very lucrative career path, but it won’t happen overnight.

Fashion is a fickle creature, and it’s not easy to follow. Every season brings a wad of new trends and fads, and Fashion Stagers have to stay ahead of this curve all the time, know how to spot a trend before everybody else, and let everybody know that trend is coming.

It’s because of this that we have compiled a few things for you to keep in mind as you start your career as a Fashion Stager.

  1. The Rhyme and Reason.

Why are you becoming a Fashion Stager? Do you really love fashion passionately and want to share your unique style with the world?

Finding the reason you want to become an influencer can be very useful to keep you going during those long days of grind that seem to yield no results. You must be patient; you can’t become famous overnight.

Having a reason like that, something that comes from the heart will also make you enjoy the journey of becoming an influencer as much as the destination. If you genuinely love fashion and styling, your audience will know and flock to you for inspiration and advice.

  1. Use the platform.

Stage Try is a fantastic platform that allows you to share your styles and lets you monetize your career faster than other platforms.

You must know and respect the best practices for any platform that you choose to post in.

Though it is recommended small influencers, don’t use more than two platforms, cross-posting your publication will get you more visibility and brand awareness. You are free to post the styles you post on Stage Try on any other platform you’d like to work in.

  1. Have a unique style.

You’d think this one was obvious but many fashion influencers out there are only copying everybody else instead of developing styles of their own.

You must have a very specific and curated style that makes you easily recognizable.

You will have a niche in the fashion market you work with, so exploit that, not only through the clothes you wear but also by posting exciting content like tips and how-tos.

Added value to your style posts will gain you a much stronger and more loyal fanbase, even if being honest to your true self and posting your unique style make the road to fame a little more challenging.

  1. Invest in making good content.

Becoming a Stager -or any influencer- is not cheap.

You will need a good camera, a good audio microphone, a good place to shoot your videos or photos and you may need to buy clothes constantly, as well as eventually need some extra hands, like a professional photographer.

While most of this equipment can be found in the most advanced mobile phones, you will still need to make the investment to get started with high-quality content for your audience.

Once you have the good equipment, your content must be creative and visually pleasing. Start with a video introducing yourself if you want.

Edit your content so you can make the most out of every video. If you’re cross-posting your Stage Try videos, you can create a longer version for YouTube for example, or have stills to post on Instagram. Remember to mention Stage Try in the other platforms and give your referral code, so you can start making money on Stage Try through the referral program.

  1. Mix up your content with other similar interests.

You can dedicate your feed entirely to fashion or you can widen your horizon by adding posts about makeup or lifestyle, things that are similar to your original fashion content.

This way, it won’t get boring for you or your followers.

Just remember to keep the subjects closely related to fashion and try not to stray too much from your usual post style and aesthetics.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be picky.

When it comes to brand collaborations, make sure the brand really represents your style and values. Nothing is worse than someone faking excitement or interest in something that is clearly not their style and they don’t care about.

Always be honest to yourself and to your audience. They can spot a fake from a mile away.

  1. Create a community

Become part of the fashion and Stage communities. Invest energy and time in creating friendships and connections, doing collaborations with other creators and small brands.

Having the whole community around you will immerse you more in the world that you love and can result in exponential growth and brand deals.

Don’t be shy and interact a lot, create a vast network of people around you and make the best out of these connections.

We hope these tips are useful for you and that you start a career as a Fashion Stager on Stage Try. We give you all the tools and opportunities to become an influencer that also learns to love our Try Before You Buy model and shares it with others.

If you really are passionate about fashion, being an influencer can earn you a living, but it needs a lot of elbow grease and patience, so just keep posting, keep sharing your purchases and styles and you will soon find yourself with a big following who waits for every post you make with bated breath.

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