5 benefits of “Try Before You Buy” for shoppers

What do you think about “Try Before You Buy” as a shopper? Does it have any benefits for shoppers? 

Try Before You Buy as an E-Commerce solution increases sales. It gives shoppers an easy way to try on several items with a $0 checkout, return what they don’t want, and pay only for what they keep. These days many stores offer a Try Before You Buy experience to buyers to expand their business. 

Try Before You Buy feels like going into a physical store: Benefits of TBYB for shoppers.

The ease of buying attracts customers. Although the price is an essential issue for online shoppers, making ordering easy and making satisfying choices with their products is more critical. Do you agree? Try Before You Buy Gives E-Commerce customers the opportunity to try a product before making a final purchase. This attractive promotion minimizes gaps between what a product looks like online and what it looks like once it is received by the shopper. And the best part is: If the shoppers need to return something, there is little to no problem, they will only pay for what they keep! This new e-commerce solution gives a similar feeling to in-store shopping. 

 The demand for Try Before You Buy solutions has increased during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

As stores were closed during the global pandemic of COVID-19, more shoppers were spending their time in front of a computer and online shopping. This brough a raise in popularity for ”Try Before You Buy” shopping experiences.   

 Elizabeth Bramlage, head of US Marketing, Klarna, said, “Fashion fit and look can be difficult to judge from product descriptions, digital photos, and videos alone. By offering a ‘pay later’ option, consumers are finally able to bring the fitting room into their own homes and have the peace of mind that they will only ever be responsible for paying for the items they love.” 


Why should shoppers “Try Before You Buy” on Stage Marketplace? 

 Stage Marketplace provides a very valuable benefit with TBYB: turning your home into your own styling room. Besides the “Try Before You Buy” model makes it easier for shoppers to quickly return the items they don’t want to buy. How?  

  • You get to place an order for the products you want with a $0 checkout. 
  • Then you have 7 days to try the products at home, plus you have this extra time to record creative and fun video reviews of your purchases and share them on the Stage Marketplace App, that will get you on the path to earn amazing rewards, such as a cashback deal. 
  • After trying and choosing what you want, you only pay for what you want to keep. 
  • And finally, if you need to return something you just have to go back to the app and get the printable shipping label. You can return the items for free!  

 Best Times to Go Shopping with Stage Marketplace! 

 You can always find what you’re looking for on our sales channel and try it before you buy it. 

 If you need more reason to experiment with this new online shopping trend (Try Before You Buy), check all the benefits that you will get once you download the Stage Marketplace App and join our community of shoppers.  

Top 5 benefits of TBYB for shoppers

Why Is “Try Before You Buy” Appealing to Consumers? (H2) 


If you are a new Stager, consider the following features as the benefits of TBYB for shoppers: 


  1. Zero-checkout __ Delayed payment is attractive. When stores don’t charge shoppers (zero-checkout), they promise that you (as a customer) can trust them and try their product risk-free.  
  2. Confidence __ Shoppers can build confidence and trust through clear communication with TBYB on Stage Marketplace. Building a strong relationship is the key to boosting the shoppers’ confidence in the brand. But how do we achieve this? By allowing shoppers to try products from home. 56% of shoppers say that TBYB gives them more certainty about the quality of a product. 
  3. Clear choice __ A “Try Before You Buy” option gives clarity to the shopper about what are they purchasing. According to Weebly, 75% of shoppers are influenced by product photos. So poor quality or misleading online images will disappoint them. Not only you can find real customer made videos of the products available on Stage Marketplace but you can get the chance to try them for yourself before making a purchase.  
  4. Satisfaction __ As a customer there is no worst experience than ordering an item and receiving something that is nothing like what you had envisioned.  Our “Try Before You Buy” solution gives a new air of ease and convenience to online shopping because it’s like shopping in a physical store but from the comfort of your home. 
  5. Risk-free shopping __ The right fit is everything. TBYB is a solution that aims to remove this risk entirely with free shipping, free returns, and no charge upfront. The last significant benefits of “Try Before You Buy” for shoppers is removing the probability of getting stuck with a product with the wrong size, color or fit. 


Want more? Download the Stage Marketplace App(IOS and Android) to discover how shoppers can earn great rewards by recording videos of their purchases! 

 When you think about “Try Before You Buy” as a shopper, it is as close as it gets to experience the actual product in a real store. 

 Why do stores need the shopper’s credit cards?  

 This part is crucial: as a shopper you need to provide information of a valid credit card in case you decide to keep your order after the 7 days trial period is complete. 


Over the past several decades, shopping has evolved, providing shoppers with more choice and convenience whether they shop in stores or browse online for their purchases. 


Despite the many advantages of online shopping mentioned before, shopping in-store still has many brilliant benefits. No one likes to worry about the size and accuracy of what they order online. This is where new E-Commerce technologies come in handy and change the online shopping experience for the better. 

 There are many benefits of TBYB for shoppers and stores. Stage Marketplace offers a fully rounded “Try Before You Buy” experience that reshapes the future of E-Commerce, increasing the interest of shoppers in businesses that give the opportunity of fully trying their product before committing to making a final purchase.  

 Download the Stage Marketplace App and join a community of shopping that are already living a new shopping experience that is here to stay. . 

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