3 Ways to Make Money as a Stager in Stage Try

Stagers are a vital part of the Stage Try system, as our very own ambassadors for the stores that offer our Try Before You Buy option. 

Stagers are store customers who join the app and start sharing their styles and purchases in videos in the app for others to see and follow. As a Stager, you can grow a following and follow your favorite stores in the Stage Try app, and you can make some bank by doing so. 

Here are the three main ways in which you can make money as a Stager: 


You can refer the Stage Try app to other people using your referral code, and for each person who downloads and joins the app and makes a purchase, you both get $25. Follow up with your referrals and make sure they make a purchase using the Try Before You Buy option so you can both get that sweet bonus. 


Some stores have assigned cashback amounts to certain products. If you purchase, keep and make a video the store approves about these products, you will receive the allotted cashback. Create videos as creative and honest as you can, so the stores are happy to approve them. Stay tuned to this blog for tips on how to make great videos for the Stage Try app. 

Growing a following: 


Sharing your Style on the app can help you get even more money than just the cashback. Stage Try will give you a bonus depending on how many followers you get, as you rise in Stager levels all the way to Titan. These bonuses go from $200 to $5000, as shown in the table below: 

Stager Level  Follower  Approved Video  Bonus 
Stager to Stager Pro  50  5  200$ 
Stager Pro to Stager Bronze  150  15  500$ 
Stager Bronze to Stager Silver  400  40  800$ 
Stager Silver to Stager Gold  1000  100  1000$ 
Stager Gold to Stager Diamond  1800  180  1500$ 
Stager Diamond to Stager Star  3000  300  2000$ 
Stager Star to Stager Elite  5000  500  2500$ 
Stager Elite to Stager Celebrity  9000  900  3000$ 
Stager Celebrity to Stager Titan  20K  1500  5000$ 

On top of all of this, you can make deals with the stores you like and more.  

Becoming a Stager is not only fun, it has great perks and can be very profitable. Download the app and become a Stager today, so you can start enjoying all the benefits right now. 

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