2 Awesome ways stores can attract traffic on Stage Try

To have a successful online business, you need to have customers who visit your store and purchase your product. Stage Try gives you the best premium “Try Before You Buy” tool to help you with that, but that is not the only thing Stage Try gives you.  

The solutions we offer go beyond the Try Before You Buy model and include various content marketing tools that you can use to drive traffic to your store and buyers to your products. Let’s talk about content marketing and how Stage Try helps you give your store more exposure. 

What is Content Marketing? 

If you use social media to share your store’s links, products, or services, you’re doing content marketing. 

Content Marketing differs from normal marketing because it doesn’t just sell the products or services, it shares educational information, videos, images, tutorials, and all sorts of material that keeps your store on people’s minds when it comes to purchasing the kind of product you offer, 

Two things are very common and effective in Content Marketing: images and videos. They are a huge part of this kind of marketing, as they can be used to showcase your company, how to use your products, and tell new customers why they should do business with you. You can also show discounts, promo codes, featured and new products, and much more. 

Stage Try gives you a solution for each: Videos and images, so you can use them to bring exposure and customers to your store from within the app. 

Stager Videos: What they are, and how to use them. 

Stage Try has a type of user called Stagers. Stagers are influencers and they have followers who listen to their opinion and imitate their purchases and style. 

Stagers are encouraged to make fun and creative videos of their Stage Try purchases and you can see them and approve them before they go online. Besides them being in the Stager’s profiles, you can use their videos on your other social media to promote your brand. 

You will have contact information about the Stagers who purchase products from your store and post videos about them, so you can contact them to collaborate further if you want to. 

So be ready to add videos to your Content Marketing strategy because our Stagers can get really creative! 


Story Campaigns: Content Marketing under your control. 

While Stager Videos are created and posted by them, you can still create amazing promotional images and share them with all Stage Try users through the Story Campaigns. 

These stories appear at the top of the Deals section in the Stage Try app and are still images in portrait orientation that you can use to feature new products, announce new deals, offers and anything else you can think of. 

There is a wide variety of applications and programs you can use to easily create amazing images you can then feature as your store’s Story Campaigns on Stage Try and drive users to your shop to buy these promoted products. 


Using a good content marketing strategy and offering Stage Try’s “Try Before You Buy” option and all that it includes, you can use these videos and images to increase the number of users who visit your store and try your products; and with our other tools and solutions, you can reduce the number of returns and ensure they keep your amazing products forever. 

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