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Bags & Handbags

Bags & Handbags

Bags and handbags are the essential accessories of almost every style. Whether it is stylish and eye-catching or practical with a purpose, a bag or handbag can elevate your outfit. 

Bags & Handbags 

Bags and handbags are the essential accessories of almost every style. Whether it is stylish and eye-catching or practical with a purpose, a bag or handbag can elevate your outfit.  


The perfect bag has to hold every necessary object we want to carry around and go with our style. Considering this, buying a new bag can be one of the most satisfying purchases, but choosing the right one can also be frustrating, especially if you are buying it online or as a gift.  


You might think bags are items you can buy without trying as there are usually no sizing and fitting involved; however, it is important to try before you buy bags & handbags if you don’t want to fall victim to a shopping fail. 


Of course, it is easy to try on the bag you are about to buy when you are doing in-store shopping. But what if you are buying online and all you have is a few images of the product? We all have heard of stories in which online shopping has gone wrong and the product they have bought turned out to be an absolute nightmare. Well, there is a solution to that! 

Try before you buy bags & handbags online 

Online shopping has so many merits no one can deny. It can save your money, energy, and time but there are side-backs involved. Relying merely on images of the product and not being able to touch and try the item before buying it is the reason why online shopping can turn out to be a disappointment, but a new e-commerce model called “Try Before you Buy” is the solution to that. 

Try before you buy is a delayed payment with online purchases in which you pay nothing upfront and your finances are put on hold while you try the item in the comfort and privacy of your home and have time to make up your mind. 

In this model, you order a product and the store delivers it straight to your door. Then you have a fixed amount of time to try the items and decide whether you want to keep or return them. If you decide to keep it, you will be charged. Otherwise, you can return items you don't want all free and not be charged for them. 


So, if you are thinking of buying bags online, you can now benefit from the Stage Marketplace Try Before you Buy bags & handbags. Not sure which bag or handbag to buy? Use Stage now to order them all, try them at home, and choose the best you need. 

Bags and handbags buying tips 


Did you find the Try Before you Buy bags & handbags option by Stage Marketplace attractive? Here are some extra shopping tips to help you choose the right bag. 

1. size 

What are you going to carry in your bag? Will everything you need fit in the bag you are choosing? If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, you also need to pay attention to the weight of the bag.  

2. purpose 

Where are you going to use the bag? Does it serve the purpose you are buying it for? Do you need a more elegant and ladylike bag or a more professional and practical one? 

3. material 

Do you prefer leather, canvas, or synthetic material? Is the material durable enough for your purpose? How much maintenance and care are needed for the bag? 

4. compatibility 

How well does the bag go with the rest of your wardrobe? Does it match your overall mood and style? Will you need to buy other items to match the style of that particular bag? 

5. budget 

Is the price of the bag within your realistic budget? Is it possible to buy the item on sale or even second-hand? Remember expensive doesn’t always mean quality.